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TexSpray DutyMax 300DI Convertible  Hydraulic Airless Sprayer

One of the most powerful hydraulic sprayers for high production contractors

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When you need maximum performance, turn to the all new TexSpray™ DutyMax™ 300DI sprayers to get the job done—fast! Equipped with a long stroke, direct immersion pump, this hydraulic workhorse is built for the biggest, most demanding jobs and materials. Built for you in both Standard and ProContractor Series and available in an electric (EH) or gas (GH) version.

TexSpray DutyMax 300DI

Standard Series sprayers come with these "Only On A Graco" features:

  • High-Efficiency Hydraulic Motor—Graco's hydraulic pump delivers rock-solid performance time after time and keeps you up and running
  • Endurance™ Pump with Max Flo™—Graco's Endurance Pump is the most rugged and reliable pump on the market today
  • High-Capacity Cooling System—A hydraulic pump is only as good as its cooling system, and Graco's innovative design allows the pump to run cooler and more efficiently
  • Heavy-Duty Prime Valve—Maintenance-free design withstands high-pressure dumping
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use—Quickly swap the gas engine for an electric motor in seconds, without tools
  • Easy Out™ Pump Filter—The Easy Out pump filter is designed to filter from the inside out so filters won't get stuck or collapse when filled with dirt or debris
  • Rugged, Durable Cart Design—With a Graco sprayer, it's not just the mechanical parts that are built to last. Our carts are built to deliver years of performance

24W968, TexSpray DutyMax GH 300DI

ProContractor Series sprayers have all the features of the Standard Series, plus:

  • Extreme-Duty MaxLife® Pump—Built for the most demanding jobs and delivers unmatched durability and life
  • ProConnect™—Graco's ProConnect Pump Removal and Installation System makes it easy and fast to replace the pump
  • QuikReel™—With the integrated QuikReel, you can deploy and rewind up to 300 feet of hose in seconds, letting you put the sprayer where you want it and the gun where you need it
  • Heavy-Duty Rock Catcher—Internal design stands up to hard impacts and provides unmatched pump protection


Standard Series unit includes:

  • Heavy-Duty Inline Gun
  • LTX643, WR1239 SwitchTips™ and Guard
  • 3/8 in x 50 ft (9.5 mm x 15.2 m) BlueMax™ II Airless Hose
  • 3/8 in x 3 ft (9.5 mm x 0.9 m) Whip Hose


ProContractor Series unit includes:

  • Heavy-Duty Inline Gun
  • LTX643, WR1239 SwitchTips and Guard
  • 3/8 in x 100 ft (9.5 mm x 30.4 m) total BlueMax II Airless Hose
  • 3/8 in x 3 ft (9.5 mm x 0.9 m) Whip Hose