Graco Inc.

GrindLazer HP DC1520 E DCS  Self-Propelled Electric Scarifier

Designed To Tackle The Most Demanding Removal Jobs

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The DC1520 E DCS heavy-duty, self-propelled drum scarifier is designed to tackle the most demanding removal and surface preparation jobs. It is capable of removing a path up to 40.5 cm (16 in.) wide and features Graco's electronic DCS Depth Control System to quickly adjust cut depth without stopping.

All GrindLazer DC15 DCS models come with either a standard- or high-speed pulley kit installed. Choose a model with the high-speed pulley kit if operating with diamond or PCD cutters. Choose a model with the standard-speed pulley kit if using with carbide cutters.

  • Do-It-All Solution

    • Adaptable for leveling, grooving, inlay, scarifying and stripping coatings
    • Up to 40.5 cm (16 in.) removal path
    • Wide variety of cutters available
    • Quick-change side plate for easier drum removal
  • Ultimate Control and Application Flexibility

    • Set zero point where the cutter meets the surface
    • Displays “active depth” on the LiveLook™ display
    • Robust design stands up the harsh abuse
      • Fully encapsulated electronic components
      • Ultimate protection from vibration, jobsite, and weather conditions
  • Eliminate Measuring and Guesswork

    • Quick and easily adjust the cutter depth to align with ever-changing terrain
    • Eliminates damage due to dropped cutters
  • Self-Propelled

    • Variable-speed hydrostatic drive allows user to dial in the speed for each application
  • Jobsite Tough Maintenance-free Design

    • Heavy-duty all-steel frame and robust linear motor stands up to the harsh jobsite environment
    • Comfort grip handles reduces the vibration that you feel through your hands
    • Sealed main bearing for long life and ease of use
  • Powered by a 20 HP Motor, 380V/50Hz, for those applications where exhaust fumes are not allowed or preferred

  • Total Operator Control with Remote Switch

    • Control cut depth while keeping both hands on the GrindLazer
  • Dual Purpose Tachometer and Hour Meter

    • Track usage for maintenance to ensure your equipment is in top shape
    • Displays engine RPM's while running
  • Vacuum Port for Dust Removal

    • Allows for connection of a LazerVac vacuum system for the reduction of airborne dust