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GrindLazer Standard DC87 G  Standard Series

Drum-style cutting for smaller traffic marking removal jobs, trip hazard removal and surface preparation.

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The GrindLazer Standard DC87 G scarifier is a great options for those smaller traffic marking removal jobs, trip hazard removal and for preparing a surface before applying new traffic markings. Featuring a 6.5 HP Honda engine.

Dual Depth Control

  • Multi-position lever for fast, macro-adjustments
  • Rotating knob for fine, micro-adjustments

Swivel and Fixed Front Wheel

  • Use the Swivel Wheel for feathering applications
  • Use the included Fixed Wheel for straight line removal

Comfort Grip Handles

  • Greatly reduces the vibration you feel through your hands for all-day comfort

Honda Power With Cyclone  Filter

  • Contractor preferred—excellent power and proven reliability
  • Cyclone filter protects the engine from harmful airborne dust

Triple Drive Belts

  • Durable, long-life design for high torque power transfer

All-Steel Frame

  • Heavy-duty design will hold up to the harsh jobsite environment

Throttle Control

  • Within easy reach during operation

Adjustable Handlebar

  • Easily set the height to fit you

Sealed Main Bearing

  • Maintenance-free design for long life and ease-of-use

Dual Purpose Tachometer and Hour Meter

  • Track usage for maintenance—ensuring your equipment is in top shape
  • Displays engine RPMs while running

Vacuum Port for Dust Removal

  • Allows for hookup of a LazerVac vacuum system for the reduction of airborne dust

Available Standard Series Drum Cutters

  • Wire Bursh
  • Steel Star
  • Steel Beam
  • Carbide Flail
  • Carbide Flat
  • Carbide-Tipped Miller
  • Full-Carbide Miller