Graco Inc.

T-MAX 6912 

One Machine for nearly every Texture Application

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TEXSPRAY T-MAX 6912, the newest, easiest way to spray smooth and aggregate materials on exterior and interior texture jobs. From textured acrylics, synthetic stucco, EIFS, acoustics, joint compound and more.

Easily apply spray plasters without a compressor or switch to air-assisted mode to spray decorative finishes and heavy aggregates up to 2 mm.

The Graco T-MAX 6912 provides the capability and performance to spray almost all interior and exterior texture applications – whether you're spraying smooth compounds for interior skim coats and decorative finishes or aggregate-based materials for exterior jobs.

Superior versatility to spray nearly all your texture applications & materials with even material flow and minimal pack-out. Airless spraying to easily apply skimcoats and decorative finishes. Air-Assisted spraying to spray heavy aggregates up to 2mm (separate air compressor required).


Smart control


SmartControl 3.0 

  • Delivers smooth, consistent material flow
  • Provides Airless or Flow mode
  • LED Display shows pressure, gallons, and more
Material Hoppers

Heavy-Duty Modular Frame 

  • Steel construction withstands jobsite abuse
  • Easy, no-tools connect and disconnect
  • Small, compact and balanced design for easy maneuvering – even when full
  • Locking front swivel caster wheel


Oversized Hopper with Lid 

  • 95 litre for less refilling
  • Steep-sided design keeps material flowing

Hoses & Applicators

  • Flexible hose sets available in various lengths
  • Choose between Inline Lance for airless application, or STX and Pole applicators for air-assisted decorative finishes
Industry-Proven Endurance Pump

Industry-Proven Endurance Pump 

  • Lasts 2X longer than competing pumps
  • 69 bar and 12 litre per minute
  • Quick-Access design: access any part of the pump in seconds — without tools
    • Even with a full hopper of material

Precision Advantage Drive 

  • The longest lasting drive
  • Improved jobsite conditions with extremely quiet operation
  • Lifetime Warranty