Graco Inc.

Delicate cleaning of bricks and wood with EcoQuip

Created in 1986, Mat’ Environnement is a French landscape contractor for courts, paths, terraces and fences. To improve their pavement cleaning activity, they recently bought a Graco EcoQuip EQ600s vapor-abrasive blasting unit and a compressor.

Fully adjustable machine

One of the first jobs they tackled with the new EcoQuip EQ600s unit was the renovation of a farm. This job required a large amount of cleaning of stone, bricks and wood. The operation was delicate as it had to be quick and efficient, without damaging the substrate. The fully adjustable EcoQuip proved to be the right choice.

The EQ600s was loaded on the back of a pick-up truck, towing a 15m3/mn compressor. With the unit’s 440l tank, it was possible to work 8 hours without refilling with water. Built to withstand tough working conditions, the EQ600s is a high-production unit for large, demanding projects, but can also be adjusted to clean delicate stone, bricks and wood.

Job completed in 3 days instead of weeks

It only took 3 days to completely renovate and clean the farm, instead of weeks with a traditional method. A traditional method could be the use of a metallic brush on the stones and bricks, or a dry blast pot. A traditional method not only takes longer, but also produces a lot of dust and grit on the ground resulting in an additional three days’ work for cleaning and removing the grit. Thanks to EcoQuip’s vapor-abrasive technology, there was almost no dust, just a small amount of water and a negligible quantity of media left on the ground which was very easy to remove.