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Graco XM PFP coats Russian oil refinery with Chartek 7


Application of Chartek 7 intumescent material on the pipe support structures at Khabarovsk oil refinery

Khaborovks (pronounced Ga-bar-usk) is best known as the city displayed on Russia’s RUB 5000 bank note, however it’s also a region undergoing major oil exploration in Russia. The privately owned NK Alliance Khaborovsk Oil Refinery is the asset owner of a PFP project. They contracted Elga LLC to coat pipe racks on the oil refinery site with Chartek 7.  Elga LLC is a recognized International Paint Company and an approved Chartek applicator. 

Having learnt that International Paint endorsed Graco’s XM PFP as approved application equipment for Chartek 7, the contractor, Elga LLC, consulted Pavel Khomenko, Graco’s Protective Coatings Business Development Specialist in Russia. With Graco’s PFP distributor Anticor Composite, both Khomenko and Anticor proposed Graco’s XM PFP rig for this demanding project to Elga LLC. The XM PFP is especially designed for Chartek and it was the most suitable unit because the spraying season in Russia is short and the job needed to be done quickly.

Local training in the native language and immediate support

Traditionally PFP machines are supplied into Russia from Germany and United Kingdom. These producers provide very little aftersales support and training in our local language”, mentioned Mr. Alexey Bryansky, Elga LLC’s Engineering Manager. “We liked Graco’s local business approach of supplying its products through professional Russian owned companies such as Anticor. With local training in our native language and immediate support – there’s no need to wait for someone from the UK or Germany to fly to Russia when we have a problem.” These were some of the factors that Mr. Bryansky assessed before deciding to invest in PFP application equipment. 

Anticor mobilized their Graco XM PFP trained product service engineer, Mr. Genady Dubrovsy, to travel to Khabarovosk to commission and train the Elga LLC operators and site supervisors on the XM PFP.

Double productivity 

Applying the same product with trowels and rollers would normally take Elga LLC one working day to coat 120 m² with on-site conditions. Graco’s XM PFP increased production to 350 m² a day with a 5 mm dry film thickness build-up.

Bryansky added: “After purchasing Graco’s XM PFP we’ve managed to double our productivity. This is really important, as weather deteriorates fast in this region now that autumn is approaching. Thanks to the professionalism of Graco and the local Graco distributor, we were able to start the job immediately after the purchase of the unit.