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Jotun PFP applicator chooses for XM PFP

Van der Ende is a top specialist in the Netherlands for protecting steel against corrosion. Established in 1929, the third-generation family business is one of the last operating in the sector. They specialise in industrial and infrastructural projects, ranging from immense storage tanks to complex installations in the process industry and from water defences to bridges for railway and road traffic. The Dutch company was recently certified by Jotun as an applicator of PFP (Passive Fire Protection) for Jotachar material.  For the certification, Van der Ende selected Graco’s XM PFP unit to apply the material.

All parameters are monitored

A conclusive test was carried out at Van der Ende (Barendrecht, Netherlands) with Jotun and Graco using Jotachar material with the XM PFP unit. The test showed no errors and gave excellent demonstration results. Van der Ende monitored all the application parameters (pressure, temperature, A side, B side, heated hoses) to ensure that the XM PFP unit always sprayed on-ratio, which it did! British Petroleum staff were present during the demonstration and were really impressed by the results and how the unit measures every single step of the application.

Variable mix ratio

Van der Ende has some upcoming passive fire protection projects in Rotterdam. They selected the Graco XM PFP because it is a reliable unit with variable mix ratio and data reporting. It is useful to monitor the material sprayed and to provide information to the end-user customer. “With the XM PFP unit, we can quote projects with different PFP materials without changing the unit specifications.” Oscar Van der Ende’s specialist advice is to “Always spray on-ratio to avoid human error in the application”.