Graco Inc.

Reducing environmental concerns with vapor blasting equipment

Lloyds Engineering of Sharjah, Dubai designs and fabricates steel structures, tanks, pipe spools, pressure vessels and process skids for both onshore and offshore facilities.

Looking for high quality output

When blasting was required, outside contractors were used, but neither Lloyds Engineering nor their customers were satisfied at the quality levels obtained. The company therefore decided to construct their own blasting room, and started looking for a supplier of a more efficient, dust-free blasting solution that could give them higher quality blasting.

Demo and training program with successful results

Graco distributor BITEC was contacted, and BITEC Branch Manager Mohammed Nayaz organized a demonstration at Lloyds Engineering of vapor blasting using EcoQuip EQ 600S. It made a big impression, with its clear benefit of a reduction of environmental concerns through not using sand or water.

BITEC followed up the demo with a training program for all the 125 technical staff at the Sharjah site. EcoQuip EQ 600S is now being used as the standard high quality vapor blasting equipment by Lloyds Engineering, to the satisfaction of their customers.