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HVLP EDGE Gun  HVLP Spray Gun for Contractors

Concentrate on applying the finish, not working the gun

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Maximize your spraying performance with the new, innovative HVLP EDGE Gun. With cutting edge technology such as streamlined, intuitive gun controls, Quick Release fluid set, and optimized air pressure and air flow, the new HVLP EDGE Gun will help you achieve the highest quality finish available in fine finish spraying.

HVLP Edge Integrated Flow Control

For ease of use and a high quality finish

  • Integrated Flow Control [patent pending]
    • Combines material and air flow into one simple control
    • Optimized to spray the majority of fine finish applications
    • Quick adjustment with 360° rotation and indicator for repeatable spray setting
  • Adjustable Air Cap
    • 3-position rotation to change spray pattern
    • Conveniently located at the front of the gun
  • Exclusive Quick Clean Check Valve
    • Allows more air pressure into the material cup to spray heavier material
    • Easily clean and reuse versus replace
    • Located by gun to reduce clogged valves due to paint contamination
  • EasyGlide™ 2-Finger Trigger and Ergonomic Handle
    • trigger has up to 75% lighter pull than competition
    • 2-finger trigger design gives more control while spraying
    • Form-fitted handle stays cool to the touch for extended use
  • Quick Release Needle Design [patent pending]
    • Change out needles from the front of the gun with just a click
    • Easy to change, easy to clean with no tools needed
    • Remove front air cap and nozzle
    • Slide trigger lever to release needle
    • Pull needle out

All models include:

  • 1 qt [1 L] Cup
  • #3 Quick Release Fluid Set

Maximum inlet fluid pressure
50 psi
0.35 MPa, 3.5 bar
Maximum inlet air pressure
10 psi
0.07 MPa, 0.7 bar
Air Inlet
Fluid Inlet
3/8 nps
3/8 nps
Sound Levels per ISO 3744
Sound Power Level
less than 65.0 dB(A)
less than 65.0 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level
less than 65.0 dB(A)
less than 65.0 dB(A)
Wetted Parts
Bare spray gun
stainless steel, aluminum
stainless steel, aluminum
Spray gun cups
aluminum, polyethylene
aluminum, polyethylene
1-quart optional remote cup
aluminum, polyethylene
aluminum, polyethylene