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A better way to spray heavy, gritty materials

CPP Stavebná spoločnosť s.r.o., founded in 2012, is active in the construction industry and undertakes painting, decorating and plastering assignments. Applying waterproof insulation is one of their competences where they have two years’ experience.

Waterproofing large surfaces

At a sewage treatment plant in Štúrovo, southern Slovakia, a new tank required waterproof insulation in accordance with construction standards. The aim of the job was to apply a new protection layer against waste water on a surface of 8,000 square meters.

This was the first time CPP Stavebná spoločnosť had taken on such a large job. The size of the surface made it impossible for them to work with the classic hand troweling method they normally use. As they were already a customer at Graco distributor DASS, CPP contacted them to request equipment that could handle the specified material. DASS recommended the Graco M680 mortar pump because it wastes little material and is compact and easy to clean.

The project was carried out in two phases. In the first phase, the old concrete surface was cleaned. In the next phase, new 1K crystalline waterproofing slurry was applied. The entire job took around three weeks, which included material maturation, waiting times, etc. However, the waterproofing application itself was completed within five working days.

Working faster and with more precision

This spray method enabled the contractors to apply the cementitious slurry faster and with a more precise layer thickness than with the classic hand troweling method.

“The M680 mortar pump really met all our specifications and expectations. We were able to reach a production output of 200 square meters per hour, which significantly speeded things up,” says Peter Cáder, owner of CPP Stavebná spoločnosť.

CPP Stavebná spoločnosť is extremely satisfied with the Graco M680 Mortar Pump. From the moment they bought the M860, the machine opened doors for the company to take on potentially large-scale projects.