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Creating a pitted finish on granite with the EcoQuip EQ300s

The existing kerb in Denman Street, London, UK, was causing damage to a range of high-class vehicles including Bentleys, Rolls-Royces and Jaguars that frequently pulled-up there to drop-off hotel customers. The kerb needed to be modified to prevent additional damage and a cycle path added. However, the modification of granite kerb stones is a time-intensive expensive process which usually involves road closure and a large amount of waste generated to create the desired effect.

A couple of hours to resurface 40 linear meters

A new patented technique called D-Kerb, developed by D-Drill, cuts the stones in situ, removing the need for expensive kerb replacement, road closures and waste disposal. The downside of cutting any stone is the appearance of the cut surface. With granite, the surface tends to be smooth and stands out compared to the existing surfaces which are aged and worn. For the cycle path to reach its full potential, EcoQuip EQ300s was used to create a pitted finish on the granite which was the same as that of the existing kerb stones. Unlike other technologies, such as UHP or dry blast, the lack of waste generated by the EQ300 means that the street remains open with only shrouding around the work area. The time taken to resurface 40 linear meters was a couple of hours. The traditional way to re-profile stone is the use of needle guns. This would have taken days to cover the distance required. EcoQuip EQ300 is a self-contained unit attached to an appropriately sized air compressor which allows it to be moved to a jobsite.

Identical finish and texture

Not only did the D-Kerb machine produce the desired effect, D-Drill introduced EcoQuip Vapor Abrasive Blasting, to provide an identical finish and texture in-line with the rest of the street. According to D-drill, “A variation in pressure and media type is important to ensure that the correct profile is re-introduced onto the cut surface. The use of wash down allows cleanliness of the finished site, but also the opportunity to compare the finished surface to the existing one. In comparison to other technologies, the EcoQuip generates less mess and the time saved on the job is considerable.”