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InvisiPac  Hot melt adhesive sealing equipment and accessories for end of line packaging

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The reliable and profitable hot melt dispensing equipment

Start realizing major benefits with tank-free technology of the InvisiPac hot melt delivery systems. 

With a true melt on demand principle, the InvisiPac hot melt delivery systems eliminate adhesive char and improves productivity. 

Whether you need a small unit to fit in your packaging line or a bigger unit for higher output, we have an InvisiPac System that helps you make more, save more and know more.

InvisiPac Overview Video

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Make More

Quick start up time:

With its tank-free design, the InvisiPac only needs to heat up a small amount, which makes the system ready to use in 10-minutes, giving you 25 more minutes a day of production time.

No more charring or nozzle plugging:

Only the needed material is heated, eliminating burned or charred material that plug nozzles or lead to time consuming line stops for necessary for maintenance.

Faster start-up times

Save More

Guaranteed Savings:

The InvisiPac system keeps the glue at a consistent temperature and viscosity. By avoiding fluctuations, the material output stays constant and material savings go up.

Eliminate pop opens of boxes:

The material output is constantly tracked and has alerts to ensure it’s kept constant. This assures that  every box has a consistent bead of adhesive.

Fewer box pop-opens

Know More

Track your material usage:

InvisiPac systems have material tracking as a standard feature allowing you to measure  the right amount of adhesive, control  a consitent bead and track your adhesive grams per case.

Check  your production from a far:

A data tracking solution that helps you track all the activities of your InvisiPac machines from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

InvisiPac - LineSite Dashboards

Features of the InvisiPac System

  1. Automatic Feed System with patented technology has a self-learning feed algorithm that takes the guess work out of filling your hot melt system. No more tuning or calibrating your fill hoping you get the right frequency.
  2. Advanced Display Module provides an accurate control of the complete process (temperature, adhesive usage, dispense shot sizes, performance notifications).
  3. Adhesive Melter has innovative melting chambers that melt adhesive quickly and dispenses it immediately, eliminating adhesive char build up and maintains integrity of adhesive by not letting it sit at high temperatures for long periods of time.
  4. Superior heated hose design is char resistant, reducing char buildup, resulting in more uptime and lower maintenance costs.
  5. Plug-Free Applicators have a free-flow manifold design and integrated module filtering that eliminates nozzle plugs and can operate up to 10,000 cycles per minute.
Features of InvisiPac