3 reasons to invest in an automatic loading pump for drywall finishing

Are you currently using a manual loading pump for drywall finishing? What about an automatic pump? Is it worthwhile? Sparing your back and muscles, saving time, and raising your profits  are the three main reasons to seriously consider it.
Are you using a loading pump to fill taper, compound tubes, boxes, or mud pans? Manual loading pumps are widely used among drywall finishers. Ever considered using an automatic loading pump? What benefits can it bring? If you want to spare your back, save time, and raise your profits, it is certainly worthwhile looking into the advantages.


What exactly is an automatic loading pump?

It’s nearly as simple as it sounds. An automatic loading pump basically does the same as your manual loading pump. Except, because it uses a rechargeable battery for power, you can say goodbye to fatigue from endless bending and manually operating the pump.


If you choose a model with a high positioned filling tube, your compound can be pumped into any finishing tool or container without the need to bend over every time. Programming the pump allows for adjusted output control at any desired speed.


3 main reasons to choose an automatic loading pump


Reducing fatigue & injuries

1. Avoid back and muscle injuries

Drywall finishing is hard work, no matter how you do it. Whatever tools you use to make the job easier and more automatic, you can never eliminate all the manual work and physical effort. The biggest medical risk for drywall finishers is straining and over-exerting muscles and joints while bending, pumping, and putting pressure on tools. Unfortunately, long-term injuries are common among drywall finishers. So anything that reduces immediate discomfort or long-term risks is worth considering. Just count how many times you need to pump and bend on an average working day. Avoiding this can reduce daily fatigue and muscle strain substantially, not to mention the long-term relief for your joints and muscles.

Save time & work easier

2. Save lots of time

The automatic pump does the endless pumping work for you, all day, every day, without needing any break. So you’ll be able to focus more on finishing or other tasks than if you were using a manual pump. Don’t forget an automatic pump also has a continuous mode for easy cleaning and a hands-free bulk transfer.

Raise your profits

3. Raise your profits

Automatic pumps do more than just pump automatically. They are also programmable to control the speed of pumping, control the output of the compound, and save time. So you can increase your productivity and thus raise your profits.


Upscale your business

Saving time, suffering less fatigue and injuries, and increasing your productivity will definitely help you raise your profit, as you get more of that fine finishing done in less time. It will also enable you to do jobs with stricter delivery requirements, and you will be able to take on more and larger projects.


Nothing but good reasons to make the shift towards an automatic loading pump. Graco’s patent pending PowerFillTM pump is the first battery powered loading pump in the industry. Having up to four times more life than an average manual loading pump, it is an excellent investment for drywall finishers seeking to reduce physical strain and work more quickly when finishing drywall.



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