How to choose the right power source for your line painting machine

Choose the most suitable Graco line painting machine and learn more about the benefits and differences between a gas line striper and an electric line striper

Comparison between gas line stripers and electric line stripers

When selecting the right power source for your line striper, there are two options: a gasoline engine or an electrical engine. But what is the best choice for your line striping jobs? We give you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of both. Up to you to decide which power source is perfect for your line striper.


The traditional combustion engine exhausts fumes. For safety and health reasons a line striper with a gasoline engine is not always possible. Especially for indoor applications, the exhausted fumes can be a problem. That is different for a electrically-propelled line stripers. They can be applied in environments where the work previously had to be done manually, for example, due to the risk of contaminating the goods.

Best choice: electrical


Another issue of a line striper with a combustion engine is that it makes a lot of noise, which could be a problem for indoor applications. With an electrical line striper, the work can be done in almost complete silence, enabling a more comfortable work environment for you and those around you.

Best choice: electrical


A combustion engine can cause undesired virbations with a possible negative effect on the quality of the lines. A line striper with an electrical engine does not generate virbations. And no vibrations means cleaner lines. From the finest lines to the thickest stripes, with an electric line striper, you can be sure of a flawless result.

Best choice: electrical and gasoline


You can use an electrical line striper both indoors and outdoors, day and night. Llinestriping in an underground garage or a logistics centre and applying lines along roads in a village at night? You can do it all with the same unit, without disturbing your direct and indirect environment.

Best choice: electrical


When purchasing a line striper, the price is of course an important factor. A gasoline device is still 25% cheaper than its electrical variant.

Best choice: gasoline


As with cars, the battery range of an elctrical line striper is still limited. Additionally, you will not always have the option or time to charge the battery. For the largest, most demanding projects – such as highways and airports – a gasoline-propelled line stripper is still the most appropriate choice.

Best choice: gasoline


If your line stripers has multiple guns or if you are applying thermoplastics or glass beads, u need a lot of power. In that regard, gasoline line stripers perform better than the electrical variant. Of course, you can connect an additional battery to your electric line striper, but if it comes to fierce power, a gasoline engine remains the best choice.

Best choice: gasoline


“With the LineLazer ES 1000, we found the perfect solution for applying lines in our stores and depots. The fact that the machine is not powered by an internal combustion engine, but a battery, offers many advantages. There are no health or safety risks, the equipment is easy to operate and makes no noise. And because it doesn’t vibrate, the result is even better.”

James Murphy, Maintenance Manager at Tesco Reading

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