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Flexible Heated Whip Hose 

Lightweight, Durable Whip Hose for Spray Foam and Polyurea

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Lightweight Durability

  • 20% lighter
  • Much Improved flexibility
  • Seamlessly heated and unheated (no extra fluid connections)
  • Eliminate typical failure modes
  • Improved construction material (improved core, insulation, and heating element)
  • Compatible with all Reactor heated hoses
  • Designed to work with Resistance Control Mode

Quality-focused Design

Failures typically occur in the heating element or the electrical junction near the end of the hose. The new design removes these failure points by moving the electrical junctions to the fluid connection bundle and by removing the heating element from the end of the hose.

Spray Foam & Polyurea Options

Available in a low-pressure (138 bar) option for spray foam applications and a high-pressure (240 bar) option for polyurea.

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Whip hose cutaway
  1. Abrasion Protection Sleeve - Provides an additional layer of abrasion protection
  2. Nomex fiber thermal insulation - Tough, durable thermal barrier for maximum heat retention - rated to 200˚C
  3. Silicone wire protection - Ensures the heating element is secured and protected
  4. Externally wrapped heating element - Durable element provides consistent heat while maintaining flexibility
  5. New hose core with SST over braid - Higher temperature rating (200˚C) to eliminate hose core failures