Choosing the Right Line Striper – Walk Behind Paint Striper or Self Propelled Line Striper?

Find out at Graco about the differences between a walk-behind paint striper and self-propelled line striper and choose the road marking machine that works best for you

Consider comfort, speed and job size when selecting your line striper

Walking behind your line striper, standing a top of it or sitting down, when choosing a line striper you have the choice. Sitting down might seem the most comfortable choice, but is it always worth the extra costs? An overview of the benefits and consequences of the choice for a walk-behind or self-propelled line striper. 

Walk-behind Line Stripers

A walk-behind line striper is the best in case a lot of manoeuvring is required, as for applying short lines and curves. The average working speed is about 2 km/h. If you go faster, the machine becomes unstable, reducing the line quality. If you want to walk faster, you will need to use a wider tip to get the same line thickness. If your speed also raises a problem for the flow (= the maximum amount of material you can spray), you will need to choose a more powerful machine.

Self-propelled Line Stripers

With a self-propelled line striper your work will be finished much faster. Your spraying speed will increase from 2 km/h to 5 km/h. That makes a self-propelled line striper an interesting choice for larger job sites. Also in terms of convenience you take a step forward, because you do not have to walk behind your line striper anymore. Keep in mind that self-propelled line stripers are usually slightly longer than their walk-behind variant, so manoeuvring can become a bit more difficult.

Self-propelled with a LineDriver

You can turn your walk-behind line striper into a self-propelled line striper by connecting a LineDriver. That will enable you to stripe at around 8 km/h while keeping a perfect line quality. A LineDriver is suitable for large sites where speed and comfort are important - you're sitting on your machine. Also between the striping sessions, a LineDriver proves its strength: getting new paint or making alignments can be done at a speed of 12 km/h. Only keep in mind that your line striper becomes considerably longer. You will need more space, which makes a line striper with LineDriver less suitable in small spaces or at short turns.


A RoadLazer RoadPak System is a hydraulic striping system, built for the professional road striping contractor. With the RoadPak airless striping system, installed on a truck, you can achieve extremely accurate lines at highly productive speeds up to 16 km/h. 

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