How to Choose the Right Paint Striping Machines

Discover the five key features of Graco's paint striping machines. Accelerate and enhance the quality of your work by choosing the right line striping machine

5 key features to select the most efficient line striping machine

In order to complete a striping job quickly and efficiently, you need the right device. We summarize the 5 key features that help you choose the perfect line striper.

1. Sprayed material

1-component waterborne paint, 1-component solventborne paint, 2-component paint, epoxy, polyurethane or thermoplastics; obviously the type of material you spray is crucial in the choice of your line striper. Graco has a wide range for every application: LineLazers for airless paint striping, ThermoLazers for thermoplastic striping and GrindLazers for line removal.

2. Your typical line striping assignment

What kind of line striping assignments are typical for your business? Is your average assignment a major project where speed is important, such as highways or airports? Then do not choose a small line striper. Your machine will not provide enough flow to complete your projects quickly. Make sure you choose a line striper that has enough power and can handle a large amount of liters per minute. Keep in mind that the amount of flow will also determine the choice of spray tips.

3. Type of lines

Which type of lines do you usually spray? That will determine the number of guns on your line striper. For parking lots, 1 gun is sufficient in most cases. For the marking of roads and intersections, you need 2 guns to spray double lines or wider lines. Do you want to spray 2 colours at once? Then you also need a 2-point line striper. In addition your line striper must be able to process 2 colours. Choosing line striper with multiple guns also means that the pump and the flow of your line striper must be big enough.

4. Speed

Do you often have the feeling that your walking speed impedes the speed of execution? With a self-propelled line striper or a LineDriver you do not have to push and pull your line striper anymore. It transforms your line striper into an easy-to-move unit, which can double your productivity. Razor-sharp lines in less time while reducing operator fatigue and increasing comfort! With a dual colour line striper, you can cut your working time in half once again, by spraying 2 lines at the same time.

5. Indoor use

When you need your line striper for indoor use, the power source is an important element. There are two types of engines that can propel a line striper: a gasoline engine and an electrical engine. If you often spray lines in indoor environments, an electrical line striper is appropriate. An electrically powered line striper offers some advantages: there are no health or safety risks and the machine makes less noise. 

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