Sebastian Vettel races within the lines at Buddh International Circuit drawn with a LineLazer

Learn more about the pavement markings at the Buddh International Circuit. Discover the incredible speed of the Graco LineLazer with which the road markings at the racecourse were finished in no time

The Buddh International Circuit is a motor racing circuit near Delhi, in India. Using a Graco LineLazer, the British company Roadgrip Ltd realised the striping on the 5,1 km long circuit. During the works, world champion Sebastian Vettel made acquaintance with the Roadgrip team and their LineLazer.

Roadgrip Ltd specialises in the application of line marking, surface treatments, re-texturing and cleaning and civil engineering projects, both nationally and internationally. The team works on a vast spectrum of projects including airports, motorsport venues, retail, warehousing and highways.

Catching a world champion

When Roadgrip was applying the track markings and run-off designs at the Buddh International Circuit, all of a sudden, a company team member noticed Sebastian Vettel. He plucked up enough courage to ask Vettel if he was willing to pose for a picture with the Graco LineLazer the team was using there. And when the racer saw the performing machine, he immediately agreed.

Impressed by the high working speed

Vettel got the opportunity to ‘work’ with the LineLazer. Of course, he didn’t use the LineLazer for more than a demo. Roadgrip collaborators remember that the German auto racer was very impressed by the high working speed of their machine.

“We like Graco material because they are quick and easy to clean and maintain, and easy to get in and out of vans.”

Hugh Blackburn, contracts director Roadgrip

From detailed design works to mass coverage 

Roadgrip uses Graco equipment for more than twenty years. “We like Graco material because they are quick and easy to clean and maintain, and easy to get in and out of vans,” says the contracts director Hugh Blackburn. “We use the sprayers for all aspects of our business, from detailed and intricate design works to mass coverage. Roadgrip ensures that every line is arrow straight, with a smooth radius, of uniform width and even spread rate.”

Sebastian Vettel behind the ‘wheel’ of the LineLazer

Roadgrip operators move faster with the LineLazer than a F1-world champion

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