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Fusion ProConnect  A perfect gun rebuild in seconds

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Rebuild faster than any other (air-purge) gun

The old days of spending time and effort cleaning the fluid section of a spray gun are gone. The new Fusion PC (ProConnect) gun features a replacement cartridge head that replaces multiple individual parts with a single component. Simply replacing a cartridge allows for a much faster rebuild, which keeps you spraying and minimizes costly downtime.


  • Reduced parts - o-rings, side seals and fluid section all in one cartridge
  • Simply replace the cartridge – it’s like a factory quality reset
  • Minimize downtime and get your job done faster



The new Fusion PC gun won’t let you down as it is made with a long-life mixing chamber and a strong long-lasting cartridge for low maintenance requirements and less downtime. With the ProConnect technology in the Fusion PC gun, the entire fluid section including the side seals and all associated o-rings are in one single cartridge. This means you can stock fewer parts and have a perfect rebuild in seconds, with a factory tested replacement cartridge.

  • Easy air-blast tip cleaning reduces build-up and tip clogging
  • Hand-tightened front cap means no tools needed to clean and maintain mix chamber and cartridge
  • The single cartridge makes it possible to do a factory rebuild on the job site
  • Integrated fluid check valves for cross-over containment
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Rebuild like a pro


1. Remove the aircap and retaining ring


3. Press the new PC fluid cartridge onto the mix chamber



Retrofit Kit

Many of the time-tested and trusted Fusion AP parts are used in the construction of the Fusion PC. The Fusion PC retrofit kits are developed so you can actually upgrade your existing Fusion AP guns to take advantage of the new ProConnect technology.



2. Remove the cartridge


4. Install the retaining ring and air cap

Fusion PC Retrofit Kit
Fusion PC


  1. Clean-off Air Port
    Maintain spray pattern throughout the day
  2. ProConnect™ Replacement Cartridge
    - Fully assenbled and factory tested
    - Contains sade seals and all related o-rings in one simple part
  3. Air-Purge Check Valve
    Prevents cross-overs from entering gun air piston
  4. A/B Fluid Check Valves
    Cross-overs remain in cartridge
  5. Fluid Housing with ProConnect Technology
    Replace fluid cartridge in seconds
  6. Fusion AP Spray Technology
    Excellent spray performance in an easy to use, easy to clean gun
  7. Simple Safety Stop
    Manually position on/off mode
  8. Ergonomic Handle
    Comfortably spray all day long with Fusion's ergonomically designed handle
  9. Stainless Steel Hose Manifold
    Uses same long lasting AP/MP fluid manifold