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Dow Corning® PV-7030R  Two component silicone potting agent

Material Supplier:

Dow Corning Corporation


Solar Photovoltaic


Potting junction boxes used on photovoltaic panels

Material Specs:


Dow Corning® PV-7030R Potting Agent is a two-component silicone-potting agent that provides environmental protection and thermal management. This material is used for the potting of solar module junction boxes.

Typical Properties:

  • Ratio (A:B) by weight: 1:1
  • Viscosity
    • Part A: 2,835 cPs
    • Part B: 2733 cPs
  • Density: 1.2 g/cm3
  • Chemistry: Silicone
  • Color: Black

Graco PR70 Meter, Mix and Dispense System with Graco Control Architecture™


  • Part number: PR70DDBLALDA9A923N1NMFMF4NN2
  • 4.5 in air motor with Hydracheck
  • 480 super standard pistons
  • Remote mounted Advanced Display Module
  • 3/8 in x 15 ft (9.5 mm x 4.5 m) material hoses
  • Remote mounted MD2 valve with 1:1 nose
  • 120VAC North American cord set
  • 60 liter stainless steel off board tanks equipped for vacuum
  • Off board tank stand


  • Vacuum transfer pumps
  • Vacuum transfer connector kits
  • Pail or drum mounted feed pumps with dip tube and agitation
  • Second set of 60 l (16 gal) day tanks

*Exact equipment configuration will vary and depend on factors such as rate of output, length and size of hoses, bead size desired, and container sizes.

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Precision Dispense

The Graco PR70 is a compact, reliable benchtop fixed and variable ratio meter, mix and dispense system that accurately meters, mixes and dispenses two-component medium to high-viscosity materials for a broad range of applications including bonding, sealing, potting, gasketing, encapsulation and syringe filling. Standard features include electric controls, digital shot entry, gel timer, purge and preventative maintenance counters.

Posi-Ratio by Positive Displacement

The Graco PR70 uses positive displacement pumps to deliver unmatched consistency with ratio accuracy to ± 1% and 2X increase in Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF). Multiple configurations support a wide variety of applications with a ratio range from 1:1 to 24:1 with variable drive and shot sizes from 2 to 70m cc’s. Stainless steel design reduces the chance of a material incompatibility while long-lasting wear parts mean lower cost of ownership. Learn more about the PR70.

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