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Hydraulic Pump Power Supply Leak Causing Contamination in the Paint Kitchen

Product: E-Flo DC

E-Flo DC with Sealed 4-Ball Lower



Cabinet Manufacturer


E-Flo DC


A cabinet manufacturer has relied on Graco equipment to apply the finish on their fine wood cabinets. In 2014, they were utilizing a complete Graco painting package, equipped with hydraulic pumps, multiple ProMix 2KS systems, and G15 air-assisted spray guns. 

Although satisfied with the overall performance of the Graco equipment, one problem did arise. They began noticing that the hydraulic pumps were beginning to leak fluid, which was causing wasted time on clean up, and wasted product due to contamination.


They began looking for cleaner solutions that would provide the same energy efficiency as the hydraulic pumps. 

A few of their other locations had started using electric agitation methods and found that electric methods provided positive efficiency results. 

Working with their trusted distributor, Elliot Equipment, they decided to do a 4-month field test with the Graco E-Flo DC. They installed one of the pumps by running a 240-volt fireproof power line into their existing paint line.


After 3-4 months of testing they found that the E-Flo DC provided the equal or better energy efficiency as the previous hydraulic pump, without the hydraulic fluid mess. 

Highly satisfied with the results of the E-Flo DC, they recently ordered 2 pumps for their cabinet finishing line.