Graco Inc.

Endura-Flo Reduces Maintenance and Improves Work Environment

Product: Endura-Flo 4D350



CUSTOMER: Premium Truck Manufacturer



The manufacturer was performing maintenance on their 12 Glutton pumps every 2-3 months to replace the bellows seal. Maintenance would take at least two hours per pump.


Their distributor helped to find a solution that cut down on maintenance costs and time. The main reason they choose the Endura-Flo 4D350 was the pump design & ease of maintenance. The literature and manual gave a great overview of the pump and they were sold.


So far three Glutton pumps have been taken out of the rotation and replaced with three 4D350’s. One Endura-Flo was installed May 2016. Two more were installed January 2017. The customer is very satisfied with the results so far – little to no time spent on maintenance and the equipment is very quiet compared to the Glutton. Five more Endura-Flo 4D350’s were ordered and are ready for the next Glutton to fail.