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Sealing is Everything

Failure is not an option in the window and door industry.  Any defect in an adhesive sealant application can result in downtime, rework or even potential warranty issues that could lead to significant profit loss.

From real-time two component (2K) material ratio monitoring for structural glazing to improving throughput with a precise adhesive application, Graco partners with window & door manufacturers and OEM suppliers from around the world to deliver consistent and reliable sealing applications.    

Controlling High-Viscosity Fluids

Accurately managing high viscosity, hard-to-move sealant and adhesive materials is mission critical for window & door manufacturers and OEM glass suppliers. Project delays from the inability to meet manufacturer-specified mix and dispense ratios are a luxury most window & door suppliers can’t afford.

Graco fluid handling solutions are designed, built and proven to succeed where others fail so you can consistently manage hard-to-move materials including silicones, epoxies, urethanes, desiccants, butyls, reactive hot melt adhesives, warm melt sealers, polyurethane foam, polysulfides, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).  

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