Curtain Wall / Structural Glazing

Curtain walls are a key component of commercial building envelope construction - from major high-rise office towers to custom skylights. Achieving a quality seal is a significant part of providing high-performing insulated glass panels and delivering structural integrity. Accurate mix, meter and dispense of structural filling, glazing and sealing materials often determine if final curtain wall products meet demanding building requirements such as design wind load, OITC, and negative pressure.

A key component to achieving this high standard is eliminating the risks associated with the meter, mix and dispense of high-viscosity, plural-component (2K) materials such as syntactic epoxies, silicones and urethanes. To maximize quality control and overall throughput, operators need real-time feedback from the material dispense equipment so adjustments can be made quickly.

Graco’s leading technology helps major curtain wall and insulated glass manufacturers keep production lines running consistently and efficiently with variable real-time ratio control monitoring and recording, self-diagnostics functionality and easy-to-use electronic controls.

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