Glazing / Back Bedding

Precise application of sealants and adhesives in glazing and back bedding applications is critical to deliver superior adhesion, durability and leak-free performance. Major window and door manufacturers are moving away from tape-based solutions to achieve a more consistent and complete seal and eliminate the potential for leaks. Automation technologies deliver perfect wetting through the application of a consistent bead of sealant at a low contact angle to achieve the most accurate and durable seal. Silicone bonding also provides added stability to the final product.

Efficient high-speed glazing operations often rely on Graco sealant and adhesive dispensing equipment to gain productivity advantages when dispensing 1K or 2K silicones or urethane-based adhesives. Learn how the Graco Therm-O-Flow, Graco ExactaBlend AGP and Checkmate pumps provide proven quality and industry-leading technology for glazing and back bedding applications.

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