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HelioSeal® PVS-107  Synthetic Polymer-based Sealant

Material Supplier:

ADCO Kömmerling


Solar Photovoltaic


Bonding and sealing photovoltaic and solar thermal panels

Material Specs:

  • Adco Kömmerling PVS-107

HelioSeal® PVS-107 is a synthetic, polymer-based sealant designed to be used as the primary moisture barrier in solar glass laminations

Typical Properties:

  • Single-component warm applied edge sealant
  • 100% solid compound
  • Application temperature: 212°F – 265°F (100°F – 130°C)
  • Specific gravity: 1.08 g/cm3
  • Color: Black

Graco Graco Therm-O-Flow® 200


  • Part number:
    • TOF200B-6A3H84TE3NN1ZCNN
    • TOF200B-6A3H84SE3NN3ZCTN
  • Therm-O-Flow models offer:
    • 70:1 Power ratio
    • Mega-Flo™ Platen
    • Hydraulic power pack
    • Dynamic air regulator
    • High flow heated manifold
    • Heated material hoses

Graco PGM Metering System


  • PG2231 with:
    • PGM 20 precision gear meter
    • Controller
    • Direct mount Endure® Dispense Valve
    • Automation I/O cable
    • Ribbon nozzle
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Highest Throughput Capacity in the Industry

Graco Therm-O-Flow® bulk hot melt adhesive systems consistently outperform the competition and provide the best performing industrial bulk hot melt supply systems on the market. Therm-O-Flow provides a throughput capability over 200% better than the leading competitor when using PSA and butyl hot melt adhesives.

Therm-O-Flow’s advanced temperature control capability and melt-on-demand process virtually eliminates overheated material, resulting in better adhesive quality and reduced rework due to degraded material. Learn more about the Therm-O-Flow 200.

Precision Fluid Dispense

The Graco PGM Metering System provides precision gear metering and ultimate control for smooth, consistent bead and ribbon dispensing – even with high-viscosity materials. With a capacity for higher flow rates, the Graco PGM helps manufacturing facilities dramatically improve production capacity and ROI. Learn more about the PGM Metering System.

Unmatched Quality, Performance & Support

Graco systems are engineered and built to deliver consistent performance, outperform the competition and help improve to your bottom line. With Graco’s ongoing investment in new technologies, you are assured a world-class product offering that helps maximize your plant’s production capacity. Graco is dedicated to providing the highest level of service through our knowledgeable, qualified global team of distributors. 

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