Graco Inc.

CycleFlo and CycleFlo II  Solenoid Pump Controllers

Precise control over pump speed, run time and quantity of product delivered

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Graco CycleFlo Controllers are designed to allow various materials to be batched in simultaneously. The microprocessor-controlled batching controllers also run at high fluid pressures, with low flow rates without any downstream regulation.

  • Adjustable pump speed (from 10-200 cpm)
  • 32 programmable presets for cycle adaptability
  • Counts strokes and quanity of fluid being discharged ensuring specific, repeatable amount of fluid
  • Manual and remote capability
  • CycleFlo II is a simpler, more economical alternative with adjustable pump speed and remote capability

CycleFlo II Pneumatic Pump Controller
Power Requirements
120Vac, 50/60 Hz, .2A, 24W
120Vac, 50/60 Hz, .2A, 24W
Air Supply:
120 psi Max
0.8 MPa, 8 bar Max