HB Fuller HL 9672LT Reactive Hot Melt

Material Supplier:

HB Fuller®


Panel lamination


Composite Panel. Doors. Bonding aluminum fascia by roll-coating double-sided honeycomb panel with polyurethane reactive hot melt.  Adhesive is dispensed and held into troughs between the coating rolls and their companion doctor rolls, top and bottom. Larger rolls coat the substrate moving between the rolls.

Material Specs

  • HL 9672LT
  • Rapidex™ Reactive hot melt
  • One component Polyurethane reactive hot melt

Typical Properties:

  • Color: Tan
  • Viscosity: 26,000 cps (10.5 grams; 27/5/275 F)
  • Viscosity: 36,000 cps (10.5 grams; 27/2.5/260F)
  • Optimal adhesion: 10 sec to 4 min
  • Recommended application temperature range: 260° to 275°F (127° to 135°C)
  • Shelf life: 270 days

Graco Equipment

  • Therm-O-Flow® 200 with the following:
    • T23 (23:1) NXT® Air Motor
    • Mega-Flo™ heated platen
    • White silicon t-wiper upper and lower pneumatic ram
    • Eight heat zones

HB Fuller and Rapidex are registered trademarks of the HB Fuller Company.

Highest Throughput Capacity in the Industry

With throughput capability 200% better than the leading competitor, Therm-O-Flow® bulk hot melt systems from Graco outperform the competition time after time and provide the best performing industrial bulk melt systems on the market. Therm-O-Flow’s advanced temperature control capability virtually eliminates overheated material, resulting in better adhesive quality and reduced rework due to degraded material. Learn more about the Therm-O-Flow 200.


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