Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Mixing Stack

Graco’s Mix Stack Mixer is designed to improve your LSR production efficiency by reducing maintenance and cleaning downtime and increasing your production.

Easier to Clean

  • No dead spots or corners for material to build up
  • Reduces cleaning time up to 50%

Eliminate Thread Galling for Easier Assembly

  • No tapered national pipe threads (NPT)

Save on Mixer Costs with Customizable Mixing

  • Multi-pass mixer supports up to 30 mix elements
  • Single-pass mixer can be configured with up to 12 mix elements

Reduce Pressure Drops

  • High-flow material passages are up to 225% larger reducing pressure drops through the barrel stack

Two Filter Options

  • 1-inch diameter filter comes standard, integrated In the stack assembly
  • 2.5 inch filter option available
  • 80, 100, 200 mesh elements


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