Bin & Drum Unloaders

Transfer food, personal care, and pharmaceutical ingredients to fillers and mix kettles utilizing the unrivaled Graco SaniForce Unloader systems. Reduce manufacturing costs by improving material evacuation rate, time, and efficiency. Without contaminating, diluting or heating ingredients, the SaniForce Unloader systems achieve up to 99% evacuation rates of high viscosity ingredients such as tomato paste, peanut butter, caramel and corn syrup.




High Evacuation Rates

Graco seals inflate to conform to the container type and shape, providing evacuation rates up to 99% by cleanly wiping down the container's sides.

No Material Dilution

There is no need to dilute materials with Graco's powerful bin and drum unloaders. Our pumps handle high viscosity materials such as peanut butter, frostings, toothpaste, corn syrup and heavy chocolate. (Viscosities up to 1,000,000 cps)

Multiple Pump Configurations

For system flexibility, you can configure our bin unloaders with either double ball or priming piston designs. Each is designed and built to fulfill your technical requirements.

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Graco's SaniForce Bin Evacuation Systems can evacuate medium to high viscosity products from 300 gallon (1136 liter) containers without diluting or heating the contents. Each system includes a pump ram with an inflatable seal that securely fits the container for evacuation rates up to 99%. Common ap...

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The SaniForce 2.0 Drum Unloader evacuates medium to high viscosity material from 55 gallon drums without diluting or heating ingredients. With up to 99% evacuation rate, the SaniForce 2.0 Drum Unloader improves production efficiency by increasing container change out speed and provides a superior al...

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Graco's SaniForce Elevators can evacuate low to medium viscosity products from their original containers without diluting or heating the contents. Ideal for small to medium sized companies that currently unload less than two containers per hour by either scooping or dumping, SaniForce Elevators are ...

Pail unloader

Graco's SaniForce Pail Unloaders evacuate medium to high viscosity products from their 5 or 7 gallon (19 or 26.5 liter) containers without diluting or heating the contents. With up to 99% evacuation rate, SaniForce Pail Unloaders are designed to increase efficiency with faster change-out of containe...

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