Advanjet Jet Valves

Advanjet is our complete line of microdispensing, noncontact jet valves designed to deliver high process accuracy and application flexibility. What makes our technology different from other non-contact jets is the incredible simplicity of its patented design.

Incredibly Easy to Clean

With only two parts contact the fluid and a disposable feed tube, cleaning the jet valve takes only minutes. Conventional jets can have as many as eight parts requiring cleaning. There is no need to remove the jet from the robot. A diaphragm and nozzle plate install immediately without the need to carefully calibrate the jet saving valuable production time. And, no intricate, expensive cartridge to disassemble.

Outstanding Performance

Speed – Continuous jetting at 300Hz will meet the demands of high-volume production.

Repeatability – Tested in the most challenging environments, the diaphragm jet has proven to generate consistently repeatable, high-quality drops and lines.

Capability – Achieve a high process capability and wide process window by adjusting the jet velocity to reduce accumulation of “stringy” fluids.

Reliability – The Diaphragm Jet is designed to last and last. And when it’s time for maintenance, parts can be quickly replaced at your factory.

Low Running Cost

The simplicity of the Diaphragm Jet, with only two internal moving parts, delivers one of the industry’s lowest running cost per million cycles of the jet. Unlike piezo jets with costly replacement parts that require the jet to be sent out for repair, Advanjet Diaphragm Jets can be completely maintained and repaired in your factory. The two moving pneumatic parts, the solenoid, and cylinder have been extensively tested and provide reliable performance for up to 500M cycles with a fraction of the cost of a piezo jet actuator.

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The diaphragm is the heart of jetting technology. Diaphragms are available in four different materials to provide high chemical resistance and long service life. Contact our application experts for specific recommendations on which diaphragm is best for your application.

Available in FKM, Silicone, FFKM, and EPDM in 1.6 mm or 3 mm.


Standard Flat Nozzles Graco Advanjet provides nozzle sizes from 50µm to 400µm in either a hard tungsten carbide or a high wear-resistant ceramic. Each single piece nozzle has been custom designed and precision manufactured to provide the repeatability and performance you expect from Graco.

Extended Tip Nozzles Many applications require jetting in tight spaces, vias, or cavities. Our nozzles with extended tips allow you to get close to specific targets or around obstacles. Graco offers both a 2mm and a 6mm version in several different designs to optimize jetting of certain materials.


The Advanjet Diaphragm Jet provides fast and accurate dispensing for a very wide range of materials. 

  • Adhesives
  • Silicones
  • Anaerobics
  • Epoxies
  • Silver Epoxies
  • UV Cure Adhesives
  • Oils/greases
  • Fluxes
  • Hot Melt / PUR


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