Automatic Lubrication Savings Calculator

An estimated 90% reduction in manual lubrication can be expected from using an automatic lubrication system. Except for reservoir filling, occasional system inspection and lubricant drum change, manual lubrication will be eliminated.

This tool will compare the cost of your existing manual lubrication method to the cost of a Graco Centralized Lubrication System. It will also calculate the return on investment (ROI) for the Graco system based on the information you provide. Please note that this tool is for estimation purposes only.


Cost Information

Number of lube points:
How often are points lubed (times/month):
Avg. time to lube a single point (mins):
Labor cost for lube person ($/hr):
Bearing failures per year:
Avg cost for replacement bearing ($):
Avg time to replace bearing (hrs):
Labor cost to replace bearing ($/hr):
Cost of lubricant ($/lb):
Amount of lubricant purchased (lbs/yr):
Hourly production rate ($/hr):

Savings Information

*all percentages are estimates

Manual lubrication labor savings (default - 90%):
Manual bearing labor savings (default - 80%):
Lubrication material reduction (default - 50%):
Bearing material reduction (default - 80%):
Lubrication related failure reduction (default - 80%):

Investment Costs

Materials investment (Graco pump package):
Plumbing/hardware investment (tubes/lines/hoses):
Labor cost for installation:


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