GE SSG4600 UltraGlaze Silicone

Structural Glazing Adhesive

Material Supplier:



Construction Structural Glazing


Structural glazing specifically in the fabrication of curtain wall systems

Material Specs:

  • SSG4600 UltraGlaze silicone structural glazing sealant

Typical Properties:

  • Black or medium grey thixotropic paste
    • Base viscosity: approx.132,300 cps
    • Catalyst viscosity: approx.129,600 cps
  • Specific gravity: 1.38 mixed at 12:1 weight
  • Mix ratio range: 9:1 to 14:1 by weight
  • Work life (snap time): 20-90 minutes, depending on ratio, temperature and RH
  • Tack free time: 1-2 hours, depending
  • on ratio, temperature and RH
  • Calibration factor:
    • Base: 0.211
    • Catalyst: 0.069
  • Flow rate MD2 Valve with 1/2 x 36 element mixer
  • Maximum 1600 g/min
  • Minimum 500 g/min


  • Graco ExactaBlend™ AGP Advanced Glazing Proportioner
  • Proportioner Part Number: 24R809
  • Hose Bundle Part Number: 24T092
  • Applicator Kit Part Number: 24P217
    • Mixer 1/2x30 element 512289
    • Shroud 1/2x30 element 16T002
    • Mixer 1/2x36 element 512286
    • Shroud 1/2x36 element 16T003
    • Mixer 10 mm X 12 element 127160
    • Shroud 10 mm X 12 element 16V841

Delivery Method

  • MD2 Valve

Typical Accessories

  • Light Kit Part Number: 24R824
  • USB Kit Part Number: 24R936

All written and visual data are based on the latest product information available. Graco reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice. All other brand names or marks are used for identification purposes and are trademarks of their respective owners. Exact equipment configuration will vary and depend on factors such as rate of output, length and size of hoses, bead size desired, and container sizes.

Improved Performance & Throughput

For curtain wall fabrication applications, precise application of silicone materials is critical for delivering superior adhesion, durability and leak-free performance. The automated dispense of adhesive and silicone materials is critical for achieving architectural requirements and the mix and dispense ratios of material manufacturers. This approach provides a more consistent and complete seal. Learn more about curtain wall manufacturing efficiencies.

On- Ratio Meter, Mix & Dispense

The Graco ExactaBlend AGP is a variable ratio system that accurately meters, mixes and dispenses two-component medium to high-viscosity sealants and adhesives. It is used to seal and bond glass to metal or aluminum structures. Advanced pumping technology creates a better, more consistent bead – which results in reduced rework and less wasted material. For unique applications, Graco can also custom-engineer an equipment solution in our 130,000 square foot testing lab. Learn more about the Exactablend AGP.


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