ExactaBlend Advanced Glazing Proportioner (AGP)

Ideal for curtainwall and glass installation applications, the Graco ExactaBlend® Advanced Glazing Proportioner (AGP) provides on-ratio dispensing of two-component sealants and adhesives. By monitoring and accurately mixing plural components, the AGP system improves the quality of sealants and adhesives.

Advanced Display Module

  • Provides alarms, material usage and flow rate
  • Prevent application of semicured materials that can damage mixers & applicator
  • Simple one-step base purge

Features Our MD2 Dispense Gun

  • Delivers accurate two-component dispense
  • Angle adapter kits available for greater application ease and comfort

Fluid Plate

  • Provides consistent, continuous flow
  • Ensures accurate mixing and flow through closed-loop technology

ExactaBlend AGP Savings Calculator

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