Chemical Injection

For chemical injection applications such as dispensing and dosing chemicals at wellheads, Graco offers a broad selection of equipment such as injection pumps, metering pumps, fluid modules and much more.

Precision Pumping. Profitable Pipelines.

Keep profits flowing with the industry’s most robust and connected chemical optimization pumps and controllers. Graco pumps are built to last, enhancing our storied legacy of inspired innovation and proven performance. Our smart controllers offer convenient, easy-to-use automated controls to improve productivity for your crews. Eliminate the guesswork. Simplify maintenance. And pump with confidence knowing you’ve chosen precision and profitability.


  • Chemical injection packages are rigorously field-tested to ensure optimum performance
  • Solar pumping systems can provide reliable chemical injection for up to 4 days without sun
  • Electronic injection rate controllers ensure precise injection rates – optimizing your process
  • Control and monitor your chemical injection system with your mobile device for peace of mind


  • Pump components are designed for years of operation between service intervals
  • Ideal for remote installations in extreme temperatures
  • One year warranty


  • Chemical injection equipment is available in a variety of configurations to provide premium performance at any price point
  • Spend less time fixing and more time running with our durable components
  • Save money by reducing chemical waste when you use our adaptive injection rate controls
  • Lower energy costs by using off-the-grid solar powered systems vs. pneumatic or grid
    powered pumps

Chemical Injection Products


With Graco’s electronic injection rate controllers, closely control and monitor chemical use and collect critical operating information for reducing costs and improving processes. Accurately control your injection rates, monitor on-site conditions of the injection point, and store data to help manage chemical costs and equipment performance.

Drive Modules

Graco manufacturers drive modules in various AC and DC voltages as well as C1D1 and C1D2 rated versions. Easily pair your pump drive modules to your pump fluid modules for your unique volume and pressure chemical injection requirements.

Fluid Modules

Graco manufactures pump fluid end modules with various plunger sizes and seal types. Graco fluid modules can handle some of the most aggressive chemicals, offering years of trouble free operation. Each pump features an adjustable fluid packing that can last up to 25 times longer than non-adjustable seals.

Injection Pumps

Graco’s chemical injection pumps dispense and dose chemicals at gas and oil wellheads, as well as pipelines. We design our portable, oilfield chemical injection pumps to operate at many pressures and work in harsh environments, which make them ideal for chemical injection applications. 

Metering Pumps

Graco's electrically operated chemical metering pumps are designed to transfer fluids for chemical dosing applications including water treatment, agricultural, swimming pools and pulp and paper manufacturing as well as a multitude of other uses. 

Multipoint Injection

Dose chemicals up to eight injection points using a single pump and controller. Set, change and remotely monitor the individual flow rates of each injection point to help reduce the number of trips to the well site and minimize downtime.

Solar Panels & Stands

Expand the capabilities of your Graco chemical injection system with high-performance solar panels and stands. Our family of chemical injection solar panels range from 90W to 265W offered in standard and classified models.

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