For chemical injection applications such as dispensing and dosing chemicals at wellheads, Graco offers a broad selection of equipment such as injection pumps, metering pumps, fluid modules and much more.


The eTensifier will deliver pressures to 36,500 psi (2517 bar) with a quiet electric motor, a smoother flow rate from zero to full pressure and controls that include an industry-first pressure test mode that allows you to set a defined pressure and walk away. In addition, the eTensifier features a q...


The G-Chem Beam Pump provides reliable and robust means of injecting chemicals by operating with a pumpjack. The G-Chem is a positive displacement plunger type pump powered by a direct connection with a cable or rod to the pumpjack’s walking beam.


The electrically operated G-Chem drive modules are the motor assembly part of a chemical injection pump. They can be coupled up with existing G-Chem fluid modules to construct a fully assembled chemical injection G-Chem pump.


The G-Chem drive modules can easily be installed on to existing G-Chem drive modules, giving users the flexibility of configuring pumps on the fly. They come standard in 316 Stainless Steel and an optional sever duty configuration for harsher acids and biocides.


The AC and DC electrically operated G-Chem pumps are ideal for standard chemical injection applications. G-Chem pumps can be used to build a complete solar chemical injector system.

G-Chem Variable Speed

The G-Chem Variable Speed pumps is suitable for applications requiring continous chemical dosing.


The AC and DC electrically operated G-JR pumps are ideal for standard chemical injection applications. G-JR pumps come standard with the new Graco Harrier EZ-JR controller and are offered as a complete solar package or just the pump.


Graco AC and DC electrically powered Harrier controllers offer basic off/on time control with the Harrier EZ and enhanced smart control capabilities with Harrier+ controller. Harrier+ remotely manages chemical injection pumps and has tank level monitoring via SCADA or through cellular connectivity.


Collect well site data of multiple injection points using one controller, remotely control chemical injection usage for each individual injection point, and analyze the data necessary to manage chemical usage.


The KRAKN MPI solenoid fluid manifold assembly can replace up to eight chemical pumps when used in conjunction with a single chemical pump. It comes with solenoids that are classified for hazardous locations and general purpose use.


Modular Control Boxes can be ordered to include the choice of charge controller, pump controller and completely wired and installed. For DC operated solar systems, additional options include one to four battery options. NEMA rated control boxes are also offered in DC and AC power options.

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The Mongoose Series metering pump is suitable for low flow metering markets and industries such as mining, agriculture, landscaping, swimming pools, lawn maintenance, pulp and paper, utilities and water treatment.


Python pumps are ideal for applications that require a pump to operate in hazardous locations and can run off regulated natural gas or compressed air.


Python XL series pumps are ideal for wells with low gas pressure. Capable of operating up to 12,000 psi (827 bar), the pumps are easy to operate and include an air motor with the same proven technology that Graco offers in other product lines.


The Python XL-DA pumps operate on low gas or compressed air pressures and pumps fluid in both stroke directions which provides continuous flow operation and prevents the pump from air locking.


The Python XL-DA25 pumps operate on low gas or compressed air pressures and pumps fluid in both stroke directions which provides continuous flow operation and prevents the pump from air locking.

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Graco solar panel stands are available for your chemical injection system based on your needs. They include a stand with either 3 or 6 foot (0.9 or 1.8 m) poles to be used with 50 – 180 W panels or 265 W panels.


Graco’s solar panels provide reliable AC and DC power to chemical injection pumps when grid power is not readily available or where there are stringent emissions. Engineers use our panels to build out systems in four easy steps: Select the pump, configure the control box, choose the solar panel, and...


The Wolverine chemical injection pumps reduce emissions to the atmosphere and have a greater level of control when used with our injection rate controllers. The pump features an adjustable fluid packing that lasts much longer than non-adjustable seals.


Wolverine ATEX uses the same fluid heads, drive mechanism and pump stroke features as the rest of the Wolverine product family but now comes with an ATEX approved motor.


The Wolverine DA pump is self-priming so the pump can purge itself from any trapped air and resume operation without physically being at the pump.


Graco supplies drive modules in various AC and DC voltages as well as C1D1 and C1D2 rated versions. Easily pair your pump drive modules to your pump fluid modules for your unique volume and pressure chemical injection requirements.


Graco manufactures pump fluid end modules with various plunger sizes and seal types. Graco fluid modules can handle some of the most aggressive chemicals, offering years of trouble free operation. Each pump features an adjustable fluid packing that can last up to 25 times longer than non-adjustable ...


The Wolverine Hazardous Location electrically operated chemical injection pumps are designed to operate in applications requiring Class 1, Division 1, rated products. They are offered in AC and DC power and are available in separate drive and fluid modules.


The Wolverine variable speed pump provides continuous injection for an even dispersion of chemicals.

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