Harrier Series

Graco AC and DC electrically powered Harrier controllers offer basic off/on time control with the Harrier EZ and enhanced smart control capabilities with Harrier+ controller. Harrier+ remotely manages chemical injection pumps and has tank level monitoring via SCADA or through cellular connectivity.

Remote Monitoring

  • Remotely monitor and control your chemical injection system                     
  • Remotely collect, monitor, and analyze critical data                                        
  • Data communication via Celluar web-based portal                                         
  • Connect to an existing SCADA system

Flow Verification

  • Receive alarms and notifications if pump leaks
  • Ensure chemical injection assets are properly and efficiently operating to help reduce downtime
  • Smart controls know when pump is leaking
  • Alarms and notifications can be customized

Analog input signal

  • Can hook up additional auxiliary equipment such as an H2S or O2 meter   
  • Automatically adjust dosing per measured levels of H2s or O2

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