Graco UniDrum Supply Systems reliably deliver one-component sealants, adhesives and other medium to high-viscosity materials from bulk containers to metering and dispensing systems.

System Features and Benefits

  • Minimizes drum change-over time
  • Reduces ram pump and tote container floor space requirement
  • Reduces material waste with a flat bottom surface follower plate
  • Provides fast tote changes and guarantees drum alignment
  • Extended pump life construction to handle highly abrasive materials such as liquid applied sound deadener
  • Ideal for 1000 Liter (264 Gallon) and 1200 Liter (300 Gallon) magnadrums or other tote drums of the same size and capacity

Ram Plate Features and Benefits

  • Neoprene rubber wiper rings: Durable wiper is assembled to the ram plate by 3/4 in (19.1 mm) banding strap that keeps the wiper firmly and securely attached to the plate.
  • Strategically located vent valves: Allow the ram plate to exit the drum in a smooth and trouble-free operation while remaining clean and maintenance-free.
  • Shock-absorbing exhaust restrictors: Maintain smooth exit of the ram plate.
  • Specially designed pump mounting collar: Designed to anchor the pump to the ram plate to assure trouble-free operation of the pumps and the plate. Also allows for quick pump change-out during routine maintenance.
  • Manual bleed valves: Located near the pump inlet to assist in quick priming of the pumps.
  • Vent valve reservoir: Allows compatible solution or water for water-based materials, to cover the vent valve and prevent drying of materials.

Custom Configurations

We have extensive experience assessing and pairing material with the appropriate equipment to find the precise solution. If our standard systems and equipment don’t meet your needs, we’ll design and build a solution that will.

Helping You Develop & Test

We understand the importance of exploring equipment and testing materials during your product development process. Our state-of-the art testing and development facilities are here to help.

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