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Extreme Material Abrasiveness? Problem Solved with Elite

Some thermal interface materials (TIMs) are so abrasive, it’s like pumping diamond dust or liquid sandpaper. Explore why and how we developed Elite, the longest-lasting pump construction for abrasive material dispense.


Automated Rotary Bell Controls Improve Plant Efficiency

Manual control panels not only look outdated, they cause inefficiencies not conducive to fast-paced manufacturing.

Success Stories

Demo Proves Pivotal in Move to Automation

Realistic test shows flocking team how to solve overspray, pot life and process control problems.

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Closed Loop Flow Control Reduces Material Usage By Up to 40%

ProControl 1KE Plus brings more efficient spraying to commercial vehicle component finishing facility.

Success Stories

Closed Loop Flow Control Adds Quality Assurance

Aluminum extruder expects ProControl 1KE Plus to pay for itself within a year.


Closed Loop vs. Open Loop Process Control

Industrial controller technology can range from manual knobs to touchscreen displays. What works best and when? Find out.


Finishing Solutions for Backlit Displays

Get the precision needed to ensure the icon on the display is vividly illuminated.


Finishing Solutions for Electronics

Apply an even and uniform coating on electronic devices for a beautiful appearance.

Success Stories

Manufacturer Cuts Paint Defects in Half

Robotic paint line upgrades electrostatic sprayers for better finish quality, less downtime and more material savings.