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Electrifying Your Industrial Process and Grow Your Bottom Line

Electrification of industrial processes is not only good for the environment, it makes good business sense. Explore how sustainable manufacturing leads to cost savings and competitive advantages.

Success Stories

Air Base Increases Employee Safety and Productivity

Cart-mounted spray package decreases injuries. Personnel remain impressed with the ease of use for airplane paint removal.

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Color Change in Zero Seconds for Automotive Finishing

Engineers answer challenge to reduce downtime and waste, while increasing safety with plural component mixing.

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Precise Oil Delivery in 5 Seconds

New controller easily updates fluid dispense system, eliminating manual pouring and weighing for motor manufacturer.

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QUANTM Poultry Case Study

A leading US poultry processor installed a QUANTM pump in various applications throughout their production process. Read this to learn more about how the QUANTM electric double diaphragm pump compared to other solutions.

Success Stories

Spanish car maker Seat saves energy by upgrading their paint shop

Car manufacturer Seat installs Graco’s new electric paint circulation pumps in the paint mixing shop at their plant in Martorell, Spain.

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Automaker improves productivity by solving air motor icing and leaky lower

Air motor icing and leaky lowers in the paint kitchen were cutting productivity at a large automotive plant – until they tried a new pump package.

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Pickup Truck Factory Improves Primer Paint Spray Efficiency with Graco

Factory feedback strengthens durability of externally charged paint spray gun.

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Reduce Energy Consumption by 36 Percent

How much energy can be saved when dispensing hot melt adhesive with the InvisiPac HM10? An adhesive solutions company put Graco’s hot melt delivery system to the test for cardboard packaging.