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Rasco Modernizes Machine Coating Line

How can outdoor machinery be coated so that it's well protected in severe conditions, like those beyond the Arctic Circle? A top manufacturer of maintenance vehicles answers that question with Graco equipment.

Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for EV Batteries

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives in EV Batteries

EV battery designers and manufacturers recognize how PSAs bring good adhesion and flexibility to cell to pack and pouch cell lamination. Move those applications into production with five questions about hot melt equipment.

Success Stories

Closed Loop Flow Control Adds Quality Assurance

Aluminum extruder expects ProControl 1KE Plus to pay for itself within a year.


How to Attract Top Talent to Your Wood Shop

For years, the trades have battled poor optics with Millennials and Gen Z. Today's demands have made it worse in the wood industry. Three key strategies can help.


The Art of Wood Finishing

It takes a commitment to craftsmanship to bring the repeatable finish quality expected of today's woodworkers. Fortunately, there are four easy ways to improve the challenging wood finishing process.

Equipment Selection

Using Electrostatics to Spray Waterborne Paint

Explore why and how manufacturers can benefit from using electrostatic equipment to spray waterborne material.

What is shear? - Video still

What is Paint Shear?

Shear-induced paint degradation affects finishes like those on a shiny new car or truck. BPRs both cause and lessen paint shear. Videos explain.

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Painters Prove Pivotal in Waterborne Electrostatic Gun Design

Factory feedback strengthens durability of externally charged paint spray gun.

Success Stories

Manufacturer Saves Hundreds of Automotive Interior Parts

Adhesive usage down 20 percent after ProControl 1KE Plus brings quality control to flocking.