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What is Paint Degradation?

Paint degradation affects manufacturers who use metallics for high quality surface finishes. As metallic paint circulates, it can get so damaged that it must be discarded.


5 Reasons to Say Yes to Automated Paint Lines and Robots

Why invest in factory automation and robotic painting? The five top reasons involve cost, quality, waste, flexibility, and your workforce.

Success Stories

Automaker improves productivity by solving air motor icing and leaky lower

Air motor icing and leaky lowers in the paint kitchen were cutting productivity at a large automotive plant – until they tried a new pump package.

Success Stories

Reduce Energy Consumption by 36 Percent

How much energy can be saved when dispensing hot melt adhesive with the InvisiPac HM10? An adhesive solutions company put Graco’s hot melt delivery system to the test for cardboard packaging.

Success Stories

Less Downtime and Lower Costs Point to Quick ROI

All-electronic automatic system expected to pay for itself within a year.


Scaling Up on a Budget

Cabinet shops should consider three strategies to make efficiency and productivity gains, without the high costs and pain points traditionally associated with small business expansion.


How to Attract Top Talent to Your Wood Shop

For years, the trades have battled poor optics with Millennials and Gen Z. Today's demands have made it worse in the wood industry. Three key strategies can help.


The Art of Wood Finishing

It takes a commitment to craftsmanship to bring the repeatable finish quality expected of today's woodworkers. Fortunately, there are four easy ways to improve the challenging wood finishing process.


Cracking the Ergonomics Code

Poor spray gun ergonomics could affect your bottom line in many ways.