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Extreme Material Abrasiveness? Problem Solved with Elite

Some thermal interface materials (TIMs) are so abrasive, it’s like pumping diamond dust or liquid sandpaper. Explore why and how we developed Elite, the longest-lasting pump construction for abrasive material dispense.

Success Stories

Move from Hand Mixing to 3K Positive Displacement Saves $84,000

Equipment finisher expects new paint mixing equipment to pay for itself in less than two years. Customers notice quality improvements.


Finishing Solutions for Backlit Displays

Get the precision needed to ensure the icon on the display is vividly illuminated.


Finishing Solutions for Electronics

Apply an even and uniform coating on electronic devices for a beautiful appearance.

The Basics

Jet Valve Dispensing - Easy to set up and Maintain

The simplicity of Graco’s patented diaphragm jet, with only two internal moving parts, delivers one of the industry’s lowest running costs per million cycles of the jet.


One Component Metering Systems Performance Evaluation for Sealing Applications

Compare three primary solutions for continuous single component dispensing applications: precision gear meter (PGM), precision continuous flow (PCF), E-Flo iQ.

The Basics

Ratio Check - Dispensing Two-Component Materials

Learn how to validate meter, mix and dispense (MMD) system setup and process parameters to ensure mix quality and equipment integrity.


Foam Encapsulation of Cylindrical Cells

Learn about foam encapsulation and its role in the manufacturing of high-performance battery modules that remain safe under all failure conditions.


Automated Rotary Bell Controls Improve Plant Efficiency

Manual control panels not only look outdated, they cause inefficiencies not conducive to fast-paced manufacturing.