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Color Change in Zero Seconds for Automotive Finishing

Engineers answer challenge to reduce downtime and waste, while increasing safety with plural component mixing.

Success Stories

QUANTM Poultry Case Study

A leading US poultry processor installed a QUANTM pump in various applications throughout their production process. Read this to learn more about how the QUANTM electric double diaphragm pump compared to other solutions.


Mold Release Agent Application

Make sure your mold release agent evenly coats the injection mold, so that parts do not stick.


Making Footwear: Mold Release & Finishing Applications

Explore how to make sure shoes look good and last. Foam soles are molded without defects, and shoe uppers last.

Industrial Networking 101 - video still

Industrial Networking 101

How does equipment in a factory spray line, dispense line, or other assembly line know what to do and when? Get a birds-eye view of how industrial networking and automation works.

Success Stories

Parts Finisher Improves Throughput

Round spray air cap produces pattern ideal for cylindrical parts.

Success Stories

Round Spray Air Cap and Nozzle Overcome Faraday Cage Effect

The right air cap on electrostatic paint spray gun made all the difference in eliminating the Faraday cage effect for metal finisher.

Success Stories

Pneumatic Pump Control and Hybrid Mode Resolve Shift Change Problems

Intelligent Paint Kitchen advances automation and quality for agricultural equipment manufacturer.

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New technologies cut costs

Pumping systems are an essential part of manufacturing operations, many of which are powered by compressed air and consume large amounts of energy. As companies seek to build electrification strategies, QUANTM pumps provide a solution to replace inefficient technologies with a more sustainable trans...