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Endura-Flo 4D350  High Pressure Diaphragm Pumps

350 cc per cycle and 400 psi (28 bar) maximum fluid pressure in a compact pump

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Endura-Flo high pressure diaphragm pumps ensure long-lasting durability and can withstand runaway conditions better than other diaphragm pumps. This easy-to-install pump offers low pulsation output and smooth changeover for quick color changes, saving you time and money. Select the Extended Pressure 4:1 models with the highest rated pressure in the industry.


  • 350 cc per cycle 
  • Select Extended Pressure 4:1 models
  • Redesigned diaphragm lasts longer and can hold up to extreme operating conditions better
  • Easy access to critical components provides fast online maintenance
  • Superior durability for abrasive materials
  • Innovative design ensures easy access to critical components for fast, online repair
  • Minimal solvent to flush and consistent startup pressure make it perfect for multiple color change and piggable systems
  • DataTrak option prevents runaway and tracks material usage
  • Pumps are easily configurable for custom installations

Endura-Flo 4D350 Diaphragm Pump
Maximum air input pressure
100 psi
7 bar, 0.7 MPa
Maximum inlet feed pressure*
70 psi
4.8 bar, 0.48 MPa
Maximum fluid working pressure
400 psi
28 bar, 2.8 MPa
Maximum static fluid pressure
430 psi
30 bar, 3.0 MPa
Maximum recommended continuous cycle rate
20 cycles per minute
20 cycles per minute
Volume per cycle (double stroke)
12 oz per cycle
350 cc per cycle
Ambient and operating temperature range. Use dry compressed air when operating at low temperatures.
32 to 122°F
0 to 50°C
Dry suction lift
23 ft
7.0 m
Wet suction lift
29 ft
8.8 m
Air inlet size
1/2 npt
1/2 npt
Fluid inlet size
1 in. Tri-Clamp Flange, 3/4 in npt, or 3/4 in bspp
1 in. Tri-Clamp Flange, 3/4 in npt, or 3/4 in bspp
Fluid outlet size
1 in. Tri-Clamp Flange, 3/4 in npt, or 3/4 in. bspp
1 in. Tri-Clamp Flange, 3/4 in npt, or 3/4 in. bspp
Weight (approximate)
72 lb
33 kg
Wetted parts
stainless steel, perfluoroelastomer (FFKM), PTFE, Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
stainless steel, perfluoroelastomer (FFKM), PTFE, Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
* NOTE: When pressure feeding the pump inlet, do not allow the outlet pressure to exceed the Maximum Fluid Working Pressure. The inlet feed pressure will pressurize the outlet by the corresponding amount.Example: Pressure feeding the inlet with 60 psi and supplying 80 psi air pressure will result in the following: 80 psi * 4:1 + 60 psi = 380 psi fluid pressure.