CoolTherm SC-1200 Thermally Conductive Silicone Gap Filler

Like many highly abrasive silicone gap fillers, the two-component thermal dispense material by Parker LORD® often wears out battery or electronics assembly line equipment. Life testing at the Graco Application Lab identified a durable solution.

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Two Component Thermal Dispense

Graco’s complete and durable dispensing solution for CoolTherm® SC-1200 thermally conductive silicone gap filler includes the Electric Fixed Ratio (EFR) system with parts reinforced by Elite construction.

Highly Abrasive Silicone Gap Filler

When applied correctly, CoolTherm® SC 1200 thermally conductive silicone gap filler dissipates heat away from battery and electronic components.

Since the two-component thermal interface material (TIM) is highly filled, it can quickly wear out the equipment that mixes and dispenses it. This is a concern, especially on factory assembly lines with continuous production.

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Life Tests Identify Thermal Dispense Solution

In response to customer concerns, Parker LORD® asked the Graco Application Lab to answer this question:

What Electric Fixed Ratio (EFR) configuration accurately pumps and meters one million dispense shots of CoolTherm SC-1200 without failure?

Over 10 months, Graco engineers ran a life test in three stages, dispensing more than 1.2 million, 75 cc shots of CoolTherm SC 1200 for nearly 460,000 EFR cycles. Each stage was based on equipment configuration.

The stage three life test setup proved to be the two component thermal dispense solution they were looking for. The configuration included:

  • An EFR system with two Z-pumps reinforced by Elite construction
  • An MD2 valve with Elite construction
  • Check-Mate supply pumps with Elite lowers



ELITE™ is a proprietary way to build Graco dispense pumps and valves so that they withstand highly abrasive material like CoolTherm SC 1200 thermally conductive silicone gap filler.

Stage Three Life Testing Results

Stage three comprised the longest life test segment, running continuously for nearly five months. The equipment with Elite construction kept pumping, metering, and dispensing accurately without wearing out.

The test ended when the shot count on the Elite MD2 valve hit one million shots of CoolTherm SC 1200. 

A Elite Z-Pump (100 cc)1,224,13745,905.112,128.2459,051.4
B Elite Z-Pump (100 cc)1,224,13745,905.112,128.2459,051.4
Total EFR1,224,13791,810.324,256.4459,051.4
A Elite Check-Mate (200 cc)1,097,86641,170.010,877.1205,849.9
B Elite Check-Mate (200 cc)1,097,86641,170.010,877.1205,849.9
Elite MD2 Dispense Valve1,011,31637,924.310,019.6379,243.5 (EFR Cycles)

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Download Application Test Report


The CoolTherm SC 1200 Graco Application Lab report includes full details about the scope of work, setups and data from equipment life testing with CoolTherm SC 1200 thermally conductive silicone gap filler.

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