Electric Fixed Ratio (EFR) Metering System

The Graco Electric Fixed Ratio (EFR) is an electrically driven proportioner for two component sealant and adhesives. The EFR provides advanced material control in applications requiring consistent shots and beads.



  • Accurate bead dispensing: from 0.3 cc to any shot size
  • Wink free changeover – changeovers aren’t visible in the bead
  • Wide flow rates possible: Max - 4,000 cc/min at 207 bar 


  • Ideal for a wide range of bonding, sealing and gasketing applications
  • Capable of processing a wide range of plural components – from thin and unfilled, to viscous and abrasive materials 

Easy to Configure, Operate and Maintain

  • Components are configured for your material and application
  • Easier maintenance with standard parts
  • Integrable for robot applications
  • Backed by Graco’s global distribution network for service and support

Electric Motor

  • Directly controls the movement of the pumps for superior material control
  • Generates enough power to help you reach high flows
  • Reach low flows and small shots consistently
  • Minimal maintenance required 

Industry Proven Z-Pumps

  • The mechanically linked pumps guarantee on ratio dispense
  • Z pumps can be chosen depending on the desired ratio
  • Low maintenance 

Advance Display Module

  • Intuitive, easy to use controls
  • Provides easy setup, monitoring and system diagnostics
  • USB drive for data reporting
  • Languages supported: English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and Korean 

Custom Configurations

We have extensive experience assessing and pairing material with the appropriate equipment to find the precise solution. If our standard systems and equipment don’t meet your needs, we’ll design and build a solution that will.

Helping You Develop & Test

We understand the importance of exploring equipment and testing materials during your product development process. Our state-of-the art testing and development facilities are here to help.

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