Precision Swirl

Applies a uniform, circular loop pattern with clean edges and no mess. PrecisionSwirl features adjustable rotational speed, stand-off distance and flow rate for greater control and for better penetration on irregular shaped parts. It is compatible with most sealants including expandable sealers, heat cure epoxy and PVC plastisol.

Swivel Union 

  • Allows optimal valve and orbiter orientation for each installation

EnDure Valve

  • Snuff-back gives a clean cut-off in the end of the bead

Aluminum Housing with Tool Mounts

  • Precise repeatable installation
  • No expensive robot reprogramming after servicing
  • Light-weight for rapid application rates and minimal robot loading

No Dynamic Seals on Applicator

  • High reliability and minimal downtime
  • Maximizes production time

Orbiting Nozzle

  • Applies and accurate bead of material on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Three offset options for varied bead widths

Round Orifice Carbide Tips

  • Reduces tip wear
  • No need for alignment after servicing for better uptime

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