4 Reasons Why You Need a Rotary Bell Atomizer

Automated finishing equipment increases quality and production, while reducing costs, and safety risks

Optimize Your Paint Line With Rotary Bell Applicators

With automation becoming the standard for industrial painting, applicators can make or break a paint line.

Manufacturers have found that investing in automated finishing equipment increases quality and production, while reducing costs and safety risks. Let’s take a look at why the rotary bell atomizer has become the market’s most efficient offering.


1. Quality Finish

Combining electrostatics and ultra fine atomization, rotary atomizers provide a uniform pattern and smooth finish. Some market offerings include technologically advanced parameter controls for better consistency and data tracking.


2. Cost Savings

Rotary atomizers provide the highest transfer efficiency of any application system. This not only reduces material use, it also cuts down on indirect costs like filter usage, waste disposal, and VOC (volatile organic compound) permits.

Better transfer efficiency also means better quality. This means less rework on parts, and labor costs.



3. Production Speed Improvements

Atomizers can improve production speeds. Better transfer efficiency and finish quality means less rework and higher throughput.

Newer bells keep downtime low and production high with built-in features for quick transitions and easy maintenance.


4. Safety Features Built-In

Electrostatic technology adds risk of high voltage shock to operators.  Automating this process minimizes operator interaction with that danger.

On top of that, many platforms offer interlocks to prevent anyone from entering the paint booth when electrostatics is turned on. Other features such as smart logic and arc detection will shut down electrostatics to protect your equipment from damage when there is not a proper ground.


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