Best Practices of Plural Component Equipment

Learn how to properly use your plural component equipment to achieve its full potential.

5 Steps to Success with Plural Component Equipment

It takes time to learn how to use and maintain your plural component system so that it can reach its full potential. With the help of Graco’s finishing experts, we narrowed down the five best practices that will get you on the right track.


1. Maintenance

Just like any piece of equipment, plural components must be properly maintained. With the newest technology on the market, such as Graco’s ProMix PD2K, less maintenance is required than ever before. However, less frequent maintenance needs can sometimes make it difficult to remember and keep track of when maintenance is required. Remember that your equipment will function better for longer if you diligently keep up with maintenance needs, no matter how frequent or infrequent they are required.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and monitor any small problems that may be occurring. Contact your local distributor with any concerns.


2. Preparation

The equipment can’t do its job without the right process in place. To receive optimal performance, begin by assessing the project requirements and conditions so that you can get the right people and systems into place. Communication between crew members is an essential way to prevent off-ratio product from being shot, and it also helps maintain safety. Another important factor is organization, especially when prepping the coating material for the day. Some facilities are able to heat the coating material overnight to minimize start up times the next day. Staying organized and realizing how to manage time wisely are crucial factors for preparing an efficient shift and quality production.


3. Training

The first time you use plural component equipment, you might be a little confused. At Graco, we try to produce simple equipment that is easy to operate without too much training, but since it is such sophisticated technology, no one should be thrown it blindly. By properly training your employees, you are making an investment in a more productive future. Training allows your painters get the best possible value from equipment and helps them understand how they can reduce waste with plural component equipment. Similarly, a clear understanding of the components involved will allow your employees to problem solve independently.

We always suggest hands-on training versus simply reading the manual because that seems to be the best way that employees learn and retain information. However, for safety reasons, an experienced operator should always be present to supervise proper equipment usage.


4. Monitor

There are a lot of factors involved in plural component technology, and it’s best if you are able to track what is going on behind the scenes.

Here are some examples of what you should be doing to monitor effective equipment use:

  • Have your painters keep track of the amount of mixed material in the system
  • Manage your material’s pot life with timers to ensure a consistent finish
  • Monitor the mix ratio and report any inconsistencies. Shut down the equipment when the mix ratio is off.


5. Technology

It is important to stay in touch with the latest technology advancements and keep your technology updated. Plural components are rapidly improving in ways that can save money, resources, and time. One example is Graco ProMix PD2K, which produces 80% less waste than previous proportioning systems by moving the mixing point closer to the sprayer. Another innovation to take advantage of is a ratio alarm that will warn you when you are off ratio and can automatically shut down your equipment when you are outside an expectable range.

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