7 Ways to Revolutionise Your Plural Component Mixing Process

Stay on ratio and on budget thanks to the ProMix PD proportioners’ unbeatable accuracy.

Benefit from Positive Displacement (PD) Technology

Graco’s ProMix mixing and dosing systems with positive displacement technology offer precise and reliable proportioning, so you can stay on ratio every time within your industrial finishing process. The ProMix PD’s incomparable accuracy and its unique setup allow you to stay on budget by saving time and reducing material waste.


The ProMix PD achieves this feat by relying on true positive displacement technology and a commitment to efficient innovations.


1. Never worry again about the accuracy of your mixing ratios

Achieve a consistent mixing ratio accuracy within 1% - regardless of head pressure, elevation, viscosity of material, temperature or gun triggering - thanks to the ProMix PD’s encoder-based piston drive technology and active control valves. Its dosing cylinder pumps support 100% positive displacement, preventing material slippage altogether.


2. Build a system that fulfils your requirements and evolves with your needs

The ProMix PD is fully customisable. Whether you work with manual spray guns or automatic robots, multiple booths or just one, a limited number of paints or up to 30 colours, the ProMix PD can be adapted and optimised with extra modules to reflect your business needs. As your requirements evolve over time, the ProMix PD will follow with software updates and additional components.


3. Avoid overworking a pump or having to invest in multiple systems

The ProMix PD offers a much wider range of flow rates and ratios than any gear pump system. There’s no need to switch out or overwork a pump: our PD dosing cylinder pump was specifically designed to handle a wider range of ratios and flow rates on one single system.


4. Smooth dispensing, without a glitch

As it stalls under pressure, our ProMix PD pump is always ready for an instant startup, and it dispenses smoothly every time. All you need to do is trigger the gun and the PD pump will deliver the required result without the need for complex trigger timing techniques.


5. Save time and reduce waste with fast and flexible flushing routines

The ProMix PD mixes components as close to the gun as possible, thus significantly reducing the flush zone and wasted material (up to 80%!). Our patented pump wash and air/solvent chop features allow you to preset flushing routines for a wide variety of materials.


6. Enjoy a pump system that’s easy to maintain and repair

The dosing cylinder pumps used in the ProMix PD systems are significantly less susceptible to wear than traditional gear pumps. The ProMix PD’s parts are easily accessible for maintenance and can be repaired in the field in no time with simple seal kits.


7. Minimise degradation of materials caused by gear-based systems

Positive displacement systems such as the ProMix PD consciously take a step away from gear-based systems, which are known to cause problems such as colour shift and metallic flake degradation.


Would you like to know how the ProMix PD can transform your business? Click the link below to discover our product range and explore all the system’s details.



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