Choosing the right setup: ProMix PD Automatic

A closer look at the setup and options for ProMix PD automatic proportioning systems.

Graco’s ProMix automatic PD technology is the result of a quest for efficiency and performance within factory paint mix rooms or spray booths. Not only do our systems provide connectivity to your network for greater efficiency and control, the ProMix automatic PD line outperforms many other proportioners in its class.


Automatic configurations can add a great deal of value to a plural-component mixing system setup in a factory – they eliminate the risk of human error, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Even though manual setups remain the most suitable solution in some business contexts, automatic systems offer multiple additional benefits for a smooth and efficient mixing process.

Graco’s ProMix PD comes in a regular setup, which consists of a reliable, user-friendly, semi-automated system with limited monitoring and steering options, and an integrated setup that gives you maximum control over all business processes using Graco software.


All ProMix PD automatic configurations will allow you to:

  • Maximise your spray painting efficiency
    ProMix PD automatic technology is the pinnacle of mixing accuracy, efficiency, flexibility and versatility. If you opt for an integrated automatic setup, the integrated Air Control Module provides electrical and air connections to enable the ProMix PD system to operate two spray devices, as well as one or two gun flush boxes or one or two air shutoff valves.
  • Take full control of your mixing process
    Easy-to-navigate screens guide you through operation, setup and troubleshooting. By fully integrating with PLC protocol networks, our PD technology can communicate to provide you with real-time data on parameters, errors and other events to get you on the road to a more connected facility. You can access all the data through a PLC or download it using the USB port to optimise processes or make improvements
  • Build a customised system, fully tailored to your needs
    The PD Dual Mix unit does the job of two systems for maximum production flexibility. Control two guns in one booth at the same time or control two applicators in two separate booths with the option to use one or both mix units depending on production needs or maintenance schedules. Do you have a mixed setup involving both operators and spray robots? The ProMix PD is fully customisable and can easily combine manual and automatic spray systems.
  • Perform instant colour changes
    The ability to load multiple guns on one system means that colour change time can be dramatically reduced: flush one colour while spraying another! Faster colour change means increased throughput and productivity. The ProMix PD system can manage up to 30 colours and four catalysts thanks to the optional colour change module and its corresponding valve stacks.
  • Minimise waste and optimise your flushing process
    The ProMix PD uses customisable flushing recipes with air and solvent chop (short bursts of air or solvent to flush the system). This reduces solvent usage during flushing and reduces the time required to fully flush the pump. The system’s multiple coloured hoses – for solvents, catalysts, colours and air – are combined in a single hose bundle connected to the booth. This way, the mixing point can be moved much closer to the spray gun and the flushing zone is limited to a minimum.
  • Maximise accuracy and ensure smooth flow rates
    Precise control ensures you have the flow rate you need and the ability to quickly change flow rates on the fly. Because of true positive displacement technology, the ProMix PD can maintain a constant fluid flow rate and pressure, regardless of fluid properties. The pump can stall under pressure, allowing the system to start up instantly after a break. The ProMix PD can operate up to four different pumps and can dispense different chemistries and manage multiple applicators on the same system. The system’s dosing cylinder pumps prevent material slippage through their resistance to wear, ensuring an unmatched mixing accuracy within 1%. Finally, the ProMix PD has a surprisingly low maintenance cost, as its parts can be easily maintained and repaired in the field using seal kits.

Do I need a regular or integrated setup?


As the ProMix PD is fully customisable, selecting a setup can seem like a daunting and complex task. The upshot, however, is that you can easily get started with a limited number of modules, building on your existing production setup. If you decide to take it further at a later stage, all you need to do is get in touch and add a few extra layers.

The degree of automation of your mixing process should be considered within your specific context. How much control do you want over your processes? How many different spraying processes do you have? Could your methodology be improved by presetting different spraying programmes?

Regular Automatic ProMix PD setups ensure a more efficient and accurate mixing process. They are compatible with all kinds of applicators. The automatic paint triggering occurs via a computer network or a discrete I/O and you can preset mixing recipes via a programmed ADM, a PLC or other input. This setup is great if you have your own monitoring system in place, which you can connect to the Graco modules.

If you want to go for full control and connectivity, the Integrated Automatic ProMix PD is the way to go. This end-to-end solution will take care of all the steps in your mixing process from A to Z. It triggers paint via a programmed ADM, PLC or other input and applies multiple mixing recipes via the air control module or PLC (or another device, if needed). The system is compatible with all kinds of spraying setups and comes with 100 presets for specific applicators (electrostatic, air, bell etc). Graco provides all the necessary software to get the most out of your system. Whenever we upgrade our software, your system will be upgraded, too, so your spraying environment is as efficient and future-proof as can be.

Would you like to know how the ProMix PD can transform your business? Would you like to learn more about regular and integrated setups? Click the link below to discover our product range and to explore all the system’s details or contact one of our experts for more detailed information.



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