Architectural profiles maker reduces costs and increases quality

To deliver more paint on aluminum extrusions and less in booth filters, manufacturer uses ProBell Rotary Applicators with electrostatics.

Manufacturer improves aluminum extrusion coating while decreasing paint line waste

CUSTOMER: Architectural profiles manufacturer

GRACO EQUIPMENT: ProBell Rotary Applicator

CHALLENGE: A leading maker of architectural aluminum products needed to increase quality and safety, while decreasing waste, on its paint line. 

The outdated rotary atomizers used to prime extruded aluminum parts did not precisely control spray and output, causing poor transfer efficiency. Material waste and solvent fumes subsequently increased VOC (volatile organic compound) levels, threatening employee safety and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliance. 

Clogged paint booth filters needed to be changed twice a week. Every other month, the atomizers needed servicing.

SOLUTION: To deliver more paint on aluminum extrusions and less in booth filters, the manufacturer implemented electrostatic technology and placed Graco ProBell Rotary Applicators on Nutro reciprocators.

RESULTS: The manufacturer successfully reduced material, labor and maintenance costs. With Graco ProBell Rotary Applicators, paint line operators…

  • Save about $1,000 a day by using 20 less gallons of coating
  • Use much less solvent, reducing fumes and VOCs
  • Change filters once every two weeks, not twice a week 
  • Service their atomizers once or twice a year, no longer six times a year

To better track savings and material use, the manufacturer more recently purchased two Informer in-line fluid monitoring packages.

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