Why Product Demos are Important

Finishing demonstrations are a great way to help you feel confident in your next purchase.

The finish of your product is often the first thing people notice. That's why picking the right equipment for your paint line is an important decision. It could positively or negatively affect costs, efficiency, and the overall finish of your final product.

Whether you are looking at a single component paint package or a massive integrated plural component proportioning system, it is important to compare  products before you buy.

Usually, demonstrations in the finishing world are twofold.

Distributor Demonstration

Single component paint package demonstrations are a lot of what you will see at the distributor level. A representative from the manufacturer could become involved as well.

Although these products are considerably less expensive than some of the larger integrated plural component systems, it is still important to be thorough in your research. Before the point of purchase, be sure to take these steps:

Compare products. Don’t tell me; SHOW ME.

Every product has a lot of literature that describes key features of the offering, but working in a very hands-on industry requires hands on understanding. This is great opportunity to see different brands and compare products to see which offering is the best for your buying situation.

Gain a clear understanding of expectations.

Both buyer and seller leave the sale on the same page. It is easy in a purchasing decision for disconnect to arise between the buying and selling parties. By testing out the product before purchasing, both the buyer and seller are clear on the expectations of the finishing system, which can lead to clearer communication when troubleshooting arises.

Find the right fit for you.

The quality of your finish can make or break your end product. At the end of the day, buying a finishing product for your operation isn’t about the transaction. It’s about finding the right product for your situation, but it’s also about finding the company who will provide the best customer service and support in the future.


In-House Corporate Demonstration

Companies will invite end users into their own corporate demonstration labs for a thorough demonstration on larger product offerings, like a highly automated plural component system. In these cases, communication between the two parties has been on going for some time. The end user will have calculated their ROI, and done thorough research on the product and it’s competition.

In addition to the reasons listed above, there are a few other advantages to a corporate demonstration.

Know who you’re working with.

Usually these demos are spread out over multiple days, and include plant tours, and personal interaction with everyone that you could potentially work with in the future. This includes the sales team, engineers, support team, etc. Facility tours can also be a great way to get to know potential business partners and gauge the overall professionalism of the organization.

Personalize your experience.

The demonstration is done for the exact specifications of your needs. You are buying this type of system because you have very specific finishing needs. Everything from the orientation of the part, to the positioning of the applicator, whether the system is manual or automated, is put together to match your factory assembly line.

The paint process will be simulated as well. Using the same number of coats, flash time, cure time, correct viscosity, mill thickness, atomizing air, and shaping air are all taken into account to make sure you have the exact application process you need to analyze the product. This allows for a clear understanding of how well the product can fit your needs.

Find solutions.

While at the demo, you can be exposed to other products you may have a current need for or may need in the future. Many companies provide a large array of product offerings, so it is almost impossible to understand everything they do from an outside perspective.

The company you are visiting may have other product offerings that you did not know about that could solve immediate problems within your business. By spending time in the facility, you can gain a better understanding of their product offerings to solve immediate problems or those in the future.

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