Woodshop Improves Quality and Productivity while Reducing Material and Solvent Use

First finishing equipment upgrade gets such a positive response; second one ordered the next day.

Employees prefer air-assisted spray guns. Customers notice smoother finish.

CUSTOMER: Wood product maker and finisher

GRACO EQUIPMENT: Merkur ES, G15 Air-assist Spray Gun

CHALLENGE: A woodworking business had been finishing cabinets, furniture, toys and other wood products for over 20 years. Employees had been using Graco President Airless systems to spray topcoat and sealer, but they needed something more efficient.

SOLUTION: They first bought one Merkur ES air assist pump package to spray sealer. There was such a positive response from the employees because of the outstanding performance that they ordered a second Merkur ES for topcoat the next day.

“Employees don’t want to use anything else,” said the woodshop owner. “It’s easy to handle, and the gun is so light it almost feels like you have nothing in your hand.”

RESULTS: Employees and customers experienced many benefits from the upgraded spray equipment package. 

  • Smoother finish: With the G15 air assist spray gun and the AAF fine finish tip, the finish quality noticeably improved. The woodshop owner added, “Customers are asking what changed on the finish because they like it much better.”
  • Increased productivity: Operators increased production by 10 to 15 percent and reduced spraying time by 30 minutes each day. 
  • Reduced material and solvent usage: Material use decreased by 40 percent. In addition, operators use 1/8 the amount of solvent for cleanup versus the old system.

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